Will GTA Online’s casino finally open on June 10?

GTA fan theorists are suggesting there’s a very good chance that this Wednesday Rockstar will finally open the casino in GTA Online.

Last week Rockstar announced the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC would be released this week for GTA Online, with the new vehicles and weapons designed specifically for high-rollers.

On Friday eyebrows were raised when Rockstar confirmed the release date as Wednesday June 10. GTA Online DLC is usually put live on a Tuesday.

The interesting point here is that Vinewood Racetrack in GTA Online – the racetrack that includes the casino – is based on the real-world Hollywood Park Racetrack.

And the Hollywood Park Racetrack was opened on June 10, 1938.

Fans have been calling for the opening of the casino for a long time. It’s one of many buildings that remained off limits to players despite being a significant presence on the map of Los Santos. It even has an “opening soon” banner out front.

Where some locations have opened up months and years after the game first launched – Bolingbroke Penitentiary as part of the recent Heists update, for example – the casino remains out of bounds.

Rockstar has never said it would open the casino, and to do so now would require a lot of work adding the necessary mini-games.

But what better way to spend your ill-gotten gains from Heists than hitting the poker table until 6 in the morning?

Of course it might be coincidence or it just might be Rockstar trolling the community for laughs. But you can bet there’s going tobe a lot of players racing over to the Casino in a couple of days’ times.

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