8Pack and der8auer Are At It Again - Smashing 3 World Records

8Pack and der8auer are no strangers to overclocking or, breaking world records. At the recent ASUS ROG OC Showdown Area 2015, they managed to smash 3 world records between them, with 8Pack taking 2 and der8auer taking 1. When these two team up and get some LN2 going, you can be sure of one thing, a record is about to be broken.

On the bench at the event they had some Titan X’s in both Tri and Quad SLI configurations as if one isn’t enough for most people! Putting that many Titan X’s together is sure to create some power, but with the help of some LN2, 8 Pack and der8auer were off on their way to break some world records. The records they broke were:

Catzilla 1440P – 56747 (8pack)
Catzilla 720P – 94997 (der8auer)
3DMark11 Performance – 53396 (8pack)

As this was an ASUS event, they were using Rampage Extreme V Motherboards and the ASUS GeForce GTX Titan X’s.

There is no denying these two when they get together and who knows what is possible between them. All I can say is I have had the privilege to watch them first hand and if you are into overclocking, especially of the LN2 sort, you will not want to miss these two in action.

For more info on them and what went done, please see the following links.

See the results here: http://bit.ly/1e0ipIP
See the 8Pack systems here: http://bit.ly/1QIspCb
Shop Titan X on Overclockers UK: http://bit.ly/1du8JFj
ASUS Rampage Extreme V Motherboard: http://bit.ly/1KngUQY
ASUS GeForce GTX Titan X: http://bit.ly/1GaJfXu
Shop der8auer: http://der8auer.com/shop/

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