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This year (2014) has seen many new products and it’s time to give our verdict on what has been hot and unfortunately what hasn’t!  In the interest of fairness, each of our editors will pick the product that has made them go WOW this year but we would love your feedback; your opinion is the most important one to us!  Welcome to the 2014 Play3r Awards…

It has been a very interesting year for technology with the introduction of some pretty impressive products over an immense variety of different fields; notably this has been the year of the PC gamer with massive entries from literally every company around.  The RGB mechanical keyboard made its debut via the Corsair Gaming RGB range with other brands following suit such as Razer, Logitech and even Tesoro.  Intel also released their X99 enthusiast platform which paved the way for the highly anticipated DDR4 memory; expensive memory for an expensive platform.

So let’s take a look at the different categories for our 1st annual yearly awards; these are separated into design, performance, value and of course the most coveted, the best of 2014.

– Coolers

– Cases

– Graphics Cards

– Motherboards

– Storage

– Keyboards

– Headsets/Headphones

– Mice


As you can see, a lot of products/categories to go through as it has been a busy year at Play3r so let’s go through each category and see which product won each respective category for 2014!


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