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With an online site like, it is very hard for anyone to manipulate the outcome of any given slot. With sports betting, however, things are different. Despite the risks involved such as being relieved from duty and imprisonment, news from credible sources confirms that on many occasions, match officials and players have engaged sports betting companies in match manipulation deals.

Match-fixing involves paying off players and match officials to influence the outcome of a scheduled game. The outcome usually opposes the most obvious predictions thus causing virtually every gambler to lose their money.

Take, for instance, a team that has been in number one position for the entire season. Assume that the team is scheduled to play with an injury-laden team from the bottom three. More than 90% of the gamblers will place their stakes in favor of the stronger team. A match-fixing deal will, however, influence the outcome such that that the weaker team beats the stronger team. The gambling company will, therefore, enjoy staggering profits of which a certain percentage will be shared among the players and officials involved in the deal.

In the process, there will also be a leak of information meaning that some gamblers will also know about the fixed match result in advance. These select few will also make huge profits by placing bets in favor of the weaker team.

The criteria used for selecting a game for fixing

The parties involved do not just select any game. A certain criterion must be used to ensure that things go as planned to the end. For a game to be selected, it must meet the following:

A popularly known league –

For a game to be selected, it must be in a widely known league.  This is because people will be interested in placing bets on a game that appears as a highlight in almost every result, betting and prediction website.

Capable of bringing down several predictions at once –

In the example above, most gamblers will place their stakes on the team holding the first position on the table. Some will also prefer to play it safe by predicting the number of goals. After all, anyone would expect the stronger team to beat a team scheduled for relegation with 3 goals or more (over 2.5 goals selection).

As mentioned above, paying off the officials and the players will influence the result such that the weaker team beats the stronger team with less than 3 goals. This way, over 2.5 predictions and all those predictions favoring the stronger team, including double chances, both go down.

Games that are not under strict observation by regulators –

Game fixing deals will not involve games that are known for always being under the strict eye of regulators.  A good example is the league cup finals.

Don’t let scammers trick you into believing that games cannot be fixed

The very first incidences of match-fixing gave rise to a select group of people known as fixed match guys. While some of them are trustworthy, the majority are scammers. Today, the cheats post edited screenshots on social media boasting of huge amounts won as a result of having credible fixed match sources. Most gamblers have fallen for it at some point in their lives and they are, therefore, fully convinced that manipulation of a match result is not possible.

Match-fixing, however, does exist and getting access to the matches depends more or less on the people you know. Here’s how you can tell whether a fixed match source is legit or not:

Ask for a free game –

Try out their games first by asking for a free game. If the source does not agree to this, you are most probably dealing with a scammer.

If the source agrees to issue a free game, place a small amount of money or just wait for the results without staking. If the final result matches with the fixed prediction, go big on the next set of games.

Payments should only be after a win –

Legit fixed game sources are not after the gambler’s money. After all, they are also making money by betting on the games. If the source insists that you pay first, especially when you are contacting them for the first time, you are dealing with a scammer.

Do not be fooled by screenshots and reviews –

With the introduction of the cleanest photo editing tools, coming up with a screenshot that shows clear evidence of winnings from any sports gambling site has become so easy. This is what many scammers do. Some of them even go to the extent of fake chatting with satisfied customers.

v  Tip

Important to mention, fixed games are not always accurate so place your bets wisely. Instead of placing your stake on correct scores, bet on the winning team or on U/O 2.5 goals.


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