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The new Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M is the updated model of the previous DQ750 power supply and it’s currently sat on our test bench for testing. Deepcool themselves are a China-based technology company who are much more well-known for their impressive and unique cases. They not only produce cases and power supplies, but they also make CPU cooling products such as air coolers and AIOs.

The Deepcool DQ750-M has a power output of 750W, an 80PLUS Gold efficiency rating and is available in our favourite component colour combination, white! Let’s take a look at the specifications, features and then take a closer look at what the new Deepcool DQ750-M white power supply is all about…

Deepcool DQ750-M Specifications & Features

Technical Spec

Model DQ750-M
Type ATX 12V 2.92 / V2.31
Certifications 80PLUS GOLD
Dimension 150×160×86mm (W × L × H)
Output Capacity 750W
Input Voltage 100~240V
Input Current 10.0A/5.0A
Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Fan Size 120mm FDB FAN
PFC Active PFC (>0.99)
Power Good Signal 100-500ms
Hold Up Time >16ms
Efficiency 90% Under Typical Load
Protection OVP/UVP/SCP/OPP
Operation Temperature 0~40°C
Regulatory CE/CB/CCC/EAC/FCC
MTBF 120,000 Hours
EAN 6933412798873
– Compliant Intel ATX12V v2.31 & EPS 2.92
– 80 PLUS® GOLD certified – Up to 87~90% efficiency (20~100% loading)
– High-quality Japanese capacitors can obtain excellent reliability and long service life
– Patented 120mm FDB Bearing fan with double-layer fan-blade, temperature control function, enjoys  excellent performance & super low noise
– Full modular design, with longer flat cable, excellent for cable management and increases the cooling capability of system
– Double-Layer EMI Filter protects from electromagnetic interference & restrains noise
– Intelligentized eco-friendly chipset,  consume < 0.3W in its off-mode, compliant ERP standard
– CircuitShield™ — OVP,  UVP,  SCP,  OPP
– Compliant Multi-Way SLI / CrossFire + Multi-Core CPUs
– High reliability with an MTBF of at least 120,000 hours of use
– Newly designed gaming style appearance under DEEPCOOL high-end gaming brand: GAMER STORM
– DC to DC design, make it more stable, stronger and higher efficiency
– Ready for AMD Ryzen Threadripper & Intel Skylake LGA2066 CPU

Deepcool DQ750-M Closer Look & Performance

The packaging of the Deepcool DQ750-M power supply is quite standard for a power supply. On the box is information about the model number along with an image depicting the unit inside. In this case, it’s a white 750W power supply which is what it should be. The bulk of the box is black with a mint green trim which includes a list of features including the 80PLUS gold efficiency rating.

Deepcool DQ750 M Power Supply Box

Taking a closer look at the Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M itself, it has a very nice finish. The crisp white finish looks exquisite and is bound to turn some heads as white power supplies are quite rare. The DQ750-M 750W power supply is cooled by a single 12cm Deepcool DF12025 can which has white fan blades to fit in with the overall design of the unit.

On the top panel Deepcool has put a sticker in the centre which resembles the same design as on the box; mint green strip with information and a black background. The exhaust panel has a power input and a simple power on and off switch. Unlike most power supplies, Deepcool has used a cool and unique vent design. The Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M also has a fully modular design.

Deepcool DQ750 M Power Supply Cables

Accompanying the DQ750-M is a set of flat ribboned black modular cables. The exact layout, content and type of cable are listed above in the diagram which handily includes the length of the cables too. The flat nature of the cables themselves makes them perfect for use in cases which room is short for cable management.

Since we don’t currently have access to an ATE load tester, a multimeter is used to show each of the power supplies performance on the 3.3v, 5v, and 12v rails. Although we can’t do full load tests, we can provide relative information regarding variance and fluctuation of current and ripple on the rails which is integral and indicative of quality in a power supply.

To perform the above tests, the components and methodology were as follows:

Intel Core i7-7820X @ Stock
ASUS X299 TUF Mark 1
ZOTAC GTX 1060 – Power limit set to the maximum
Crucial (2x8gb) 32GB DDR4 Ballistix Elite 3000MHz
1 x 525GB Crucial MX300 SSDs

Voltages will be monitored via a multimeter and the AC power draw will be monitored via a power monitor when drawn from the wall. For the idle test, the system will be simply booted up and let to run into windows and after 5 minutes when the power draw has levelled out, the readings will be taken.

To load and apply power to the power supply, a combination of IBT and Furmark will be run to put as much strain on the power supply as possible. After 10 minutes the readings will be taken and to ensure maximum strain, the CPU will be overclocked to 4.8GHz. Depending on the power of the power supply, multiple graphics cards could be used in line with how comfortable I feel that the power supply will cope with such a load. In the case of this unit, the GTX 1060 doesn’t support SLI. We will endeavour to improve our testing methods over 2018 though!

ATX themselves specify that a fluctuation and variable of 5% is acceptable so to number crunch it means that:

3.3V = 3.135V-3.465V is acceptable
5V = 4.75V-5.25V is acceptable
12V = 11.4V – 12.6V is acceptable.

Any readings outside of these figures will be an automatic fail.

3.3V = 3.21v
5V = 5.12v 
12V = 12.21v


3.3V = 3.33v
5V = 5.09v
12V = 12.17v


Performance of the Deepcool DQ750-M was more than adequate and expected from a unit of this quality. The OEM of choice is CWT (Channel Well Technology) and is a good OEM and very well known in the industry. No complaints from us here…

The Deepcool DQ750-M Review: The Verdict

The Deepcool DQ750-M is unique that it’s white in colour and looks good too. It’s hard to distinguish between different power supplies other than colour, but Deepcool does a fantastic job of doing this in an underpopulated white power supply market. The DQ750-M is the updated model of the previous DQ750 range and the M stands for ‘modular’. It’s now time to give our verdict and share our opinion on whether or not the DQ750-M is worth the $109.99 asking price!

What’s hot:

  • The white finish is great to look at
  • Backed by a solid 10-year warranty
  • Fully modular design
  • Solid build quality

What’s not:

  • Quite a high price compared to other models on the market

Although there’s a lot of competition in the $100 to $120 price point, Deepcool has done a good job to make the DQ750-M stand out from the crowd. The white finish on this power supply looks great and if you’re looking for a white power supply and 750W of power is ample for your needs, this is the unit to get. It’s backed by a full 10-year warranty and with an 80PLUS Gold efficiency rating, it’s hard to fault it. The inclusion of space saving flat ribboned cables makes the Gamer Storm DQ750-M one hell of a good option for the price!

Deepcool Gamer Storm DQ750-M Play3r Gold Award

Thanks to Deepcool for sending a sample of the Gamer Storm DQ750-M in for review.

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