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So this time I welcome a more interestingly named PC case to my review desk, the Sharkoon Nightshark RGB PC Case and it is pretty stylish I must say! There’s some tempered glass in the mix and of course RGB for that extra flair so let’s not beat about the bush and get down to business, I hope you’ll join me on this review and we shall see if this PC case is a good as it looks.

Sharkoon Nightshark Specifications & Features

Sharkoon NightShark Case (1)

Form Factor: ATX, E-ATX, CEB, EEB
Expansion Slots: 7
Interior Painting: ✓
Cable Management System: ✓
Side Panel Tempered Glass: ✓

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 8.44 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 50.3 x 21 x 47.5 cm
USB 3.0 (Top): 2
USB 2.0 (Top): 2
Audio (Top): ✓
Max. Drive Bays 5.25″: 1
3.5″: 3
2.5″: 5

Sharkoon NightShark Case (3)

Fan Configuration

  • Front Panel: 2x 120 mm RGB fan (pre-installed) or radiator (optional)
  • Side Panel: 2x 120 mm fan (optional) or radiator (optional)*
  • Rear Panel: 1x 120 mm RGB fan (pre-installed)
  • Bottom Panel: 3x 120 mm fan (optional) or radiator (optional)**


  • Mainboard: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, SSI CEB, SSI EEB
  • Max. Length Graphics Cards: 42 cm***
  • Max. Height CPU Cooler: 16 cm
  • Max. Length Power Supply: 29.5 cm
  • Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front): 14.5 cm

Package Contents

  • 8 Port Hub for Addressable RGB LEDs
  • Accessory Set
  • Manual

Sharkoon NightShark Case (8)

* If HDD/SSD mounting cover is removed
** Internal USB 3.0 connection to mainboard may conflict with space for the radiator. Check before installation.
*** 30 cm if the radiator is installed on the side panel.

Sharkoon Nightshark Closer Look

So now you’ve seen what comes in the box and what will and won’t fit in this neat case, let’s get down to business and see what the Sharkoon Nightshark Case brings with it to stand out from the crowd. From the get-go the unusual decision for a loft style position for the PSU shroud caught my eye as most cases on the market at the moment seems to be going for a basement style affair, it’s different and I like it but it certainly makes building in the case a little more unusual due to this.

One thing that did stick out for me was regarding the CPU power cables and the cable management cutouts in the case. The cables are super fiddly to get connected up if you already have your CPU cooler mounted but once it’s all connected the layout keeps most of the cables snug out of the way. Cable management isn’t perfect in this case but with a little perseverance it can be worked with.

I found the cable ties included would be ample for anyone who wants to make everything neat and tidy, but I managed without these as the PSU loft in the Sharkoon Nightshark is great option for stowing the spare lengths of cable, and once done, the side panel hides any strays really well!

Sharkoon NightShark Case (12)

The RGB is really good as well, it’s not perfect but for addressable RGB it is actually decent and I found my motherboard has a header for this case’s controller allowing all the RGB fans in the Nightshark case to sync up with RGB sync software – dependant on your brand of motherboard supporting this of course.

One thing I did note is the RGB rings on the fans are opaque however the lights inside them are quite noticeable from slight angles, but straight on they look more than fine and with all the lights off they look ace to me. I also noticed a really interesting addition in this case with the GPU support which I’ve not seen before and I’m pretty impressed with this feature; it’s adjustable too which makes it even better. This is a big yes from me that’s for sure as it helps to relieve pressure on the PCIe socket as well as the GPU itself.

I was impressed with the placement of fans in the Sharkoon Nightshark. The front panel has about an inch of space in the front and this allows for the mesh cutouts  to function fully. I found that compared to my previous case it’s helped keep things a bit cooler. It’s easy to see the opportunity of mounting radiators in the Nightshark as well, which may be a future upgrade for me and it’s always good to see a decent case support better cooling. there’s also a nice use of tempered glass as well for the insert on the front panel but the side panel as well. The tempered glass panels in front and on the side allow you to keep an eye on the RGB goodness inside too!

Sharkoon NightShark Case (11)

The Sharkoon Nightshark Review: The Verdict

What’s hot:

  • Decent support for cooling solutions
  • The case is decent for those who like RGB with the controller included that’s already mounted
  • The use of tempered glass is really good as well

What’s not:

  • Lack of cable management channels
  • Difficult placement of the CPU power cutout

Sharkoon NightShark Case (10)

So after all that I can happily recommend the Sharkoon Nightshark as a smart looking case for those on a relatively tighter budget. It comes with a RGB controller, tempered glass and 3 RGB fans included too.

This case is currently retailing for £89.99 over at CCL Computers at time of writing, and for the features included it’s a pretty competitive price. I enjoyed building in the case but as I have mentioned the lack of management channels and the placement of the cutout for the CPU power cables made part of the process a bit finicky and difficult but this wasn’t enough to put me off.

Since getting the PC built in the Sharkoon Nightshark it’s been ace being able to see everything synced and cycling through the same RGB colours, and if I had more lighting in the case it would look really good. If you happen to be out on the hunt for a smart PC case with decent RGB lighting I would definitely recommend this case, it’s relatively affordable for its feature set and if you can get past the slightly difficult quirks with the cutouts it’s really smart and a good case all around. I’m more than happy to award this case with the Play3r Bronze Award and the Design Award thanks to its good airflow and water cooling possibilities!

Play3r nightshark Design Award

Thanks to Sharkoon for sending a sample of the Nightshark RGB Case in for review.

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