Xbox One Screenshot Feature Coming Soon?

It seems the feature is finally coming to Xbox One soon. Microsoft Studios and Xbox’s head Phil Spencer posted a series of tweets yesterday along with a screenshot taken on his Xbox One. “Nice to finally be doing this on my Xbox One dev kit,” he wrote. “I just wanted to share that it’s finally working the way we want it to work. Nice work by the team.”

Unlike Sony’s PS4 what launched in November 2013, with a screenshot feature from day one. Microsoft has been promising a screenshot feature for the Xbox One for what seems like forever, but is yet to deliver. Despite a flurry of updates in the past few months, the next-gen console still can’t do it. Microsoft have received a few complications and it maybe another fact that made the system sell a lot fewer consoles than its rivals at launch. It’s great to see the screenshot feature is en route. As you can see from Spencer’s image above, you can choose to save a screenshot or record your own gameplay.

Microsoft has just rolled out its February update with no screenshot feature so when will it actually land on Xbox One consoles? I wouldn’t bet on the March update, but we can hope.

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