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After the hectic release schedule of last month, it’s been pretty quiet for AAA game releases on Steam. But there were still over 300 games released, with some truly brilliant games getting a chance to shine. Then the steam sales hit on the 24th of June and games can be bought for a few pence. It’s truly anyone’s chart this month.

Dead by Daylight – Purchase on Steam

Dead by Daylight is the surprise hit of the month. After an impressive beta it slaughtered its way to the top during it’s release week. It’s a 4 vs 1 multiplayer, where you play as a monstrous killer with special abilities or a survivor trying to escape. Your goal being to either kill the other players in traps or activate generators to survive. Govan has been unable to put it down (Review here)

Hearts of Iron IV – Purchase on SteamHearts of Iron IV
Paradox released their second Grand Strategy title this year a month after the brilliant Stellaris (Review here). Hearts of Iron IV is set around World War II. Giving you the ability to assume command of any nation and change the war. As with all grand strategy games warfare is a single aspect of the game, you also need to manage supply lines, information, research and diplomacy. It’s just unfortunate that it was released so close to their other big release of the year.

Wasted – Purchase on Steam

A post-apocalyptic roguelike where you have to drink alcohol to survive. What’s not to love? Hangovers usually, except in Wasted hangovers function like powerups. The cell-shaded characters and locations scream Borderlands, as does the humour. Despite the unusual premise and being an FPS (Borderlands again) it adds some of the modern roguelike-like conventions such as permanent player unlocks.

Landmark – Purchase on Steam
Landmark game
Previously an early access title, Landmark was officially released this month. It was originally a low priority development while the developer worked on Everquest Next. But when that project was cancelled Landmark took centre stage. It’s a MMO RPG, building game. Except the RPG elements are extremely light, there is no progression system and the building system is confined to small plots. Not the sequel Everquest deserved, but the one it has right now.

Magma Tsunami – Purchase on Steam
A successful Steam Greenlight game, that didn’t go into Early Access. Magma Tsunami is quite simply an endless runner platformer. The premise is basic, there is a Magma Tsunami and you run and jump to stay ahead of it. If the character didn’t have arms and legs they’d be NSFW.

Turmoil – Purchase on Steam
Another Early Access title that has finally hit full release. This time it’s an indie business management sim mixed with strategy. Set in the early 1900’s you build up your oil empire with town above ground and oil reserves below. Turmoil is inspired by the very real oil rush in America, only without the death, dirt and other problems.

HomeBehind – Purchase on Steam
Two Steam Greenlight games in one list, HomeBehind is about leaving your home behind as a refugee. At the moment there is no English translation, which I think makes the game a more authentic experience.

The Orb Chambers – Purchase on Steam
Overly dark rooms and the Angry Birds slingshot mechanic make The Orb Chambers a unique puzzle platformer. Sometimes, unique isn’t good though, greenlight why did you let this happen?

Invasion: Brain Craving – Purchase on Steam
invasion brain craving
A former Greenlight and Early Access game with a zombie theme. It’s in a 45p bundle containing 11 games most of which have steam card support. But I’m sure that’s not the reason it’s so high up the charts during a steam sale.

Roguelands – Purchase on Steam
The final entrant for this month is Roguelands, another former Early Access game. Procedurally generated levels, persistent progress despite perma death, perma death, Pixelart, it’s like someone looked under P in the indie game development guide and used them all.

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