As the internet continues to have a profound impact on our lives, the industries that utilise it the most are experiencing massive growth. Take the gambling sector, for example. Statistics from the UK Gambling Commission (the government body that regulates the industry) show that in 2016, online gambling operators including casino websites generated a Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) of £4.5 billion — or 33% of all gambling in Britain.

This makes online gambling the largest gambling sector in the UK. The profitability of the industry has led to the remote gambling marketplace to become extremely saturated. Online gambling websites must do all they can to stand out from the crowd — otherwise they risk losing out on the impressive revenue generated from the industry.

Here’s how online gambling websites can be distinct in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

UX matters

If UX seems like a technological buzzword lately, that’s because it is. But like many buzzwords, there’s a good reason for it!

Putting users first when designing apps and websites makes sure consumers are getting the best experience possible — and has the added benefit of making them want to come back, again and again.

Online casino operators have clocked onto the significance of UX. They have begun to invest in great development and design to ensure that key features of their site are clear to users, that customers can navigate through the casino as easily as possible and that important actions — like registration, placing a bet or making a deposit — aren’t too complicated. This could distract the user from playing the game, or worse, put them off the website entirely.

Smart casino websites have gone a step further and made sure that their website is as responsive as possible from whatever device it’s accessed on. With technology advancing so quickly, smart phones and other devices are being upgraded all the time. Maintaining a casino website’s responsiveness is key in getting as many different users as possible to access and enjoy it to the fullest.

Variety is key

One of the biggest ways that leading online casinos set themselves apart from the crowd is by offering a big selection of game choice for their customers. From slots, to bingo and poker, there are thousands of different types of games and themes for players — and they’re getting more immersive and entertaining all the time!

Big manufacturers like NetEnt and MicroGaming are constantly developing better casino game offerings. While these types of games cost more, the leading casino operators invest them — they know their customers will get the maximum enjoyment from these games, and the popularity of the themes (everything from new online slots fantasy themes to games inspired by musical legends) will help them stick out from the crowd. Online slots sites are under particular pressure to add to their selection due to the number of games on the market.

Having a greater autonomy and choice when accessing a casino website is one of the best ways to engage new players and keep their old ones. Should they happen get bored of one game, there’s always another option; and they’ll keep on coming back to check out what’s fresh and exciting to try if they know their favourite website is constantly updating their offering.

Branding and marketing

Branding and marketing are key elements for any successful business — but with online casinos they are particularly important.

With money involved, players need to trust the brand they’re playing with. That’s why some of the leading casinos continue to be so popular — their marketing is so successful that people are familiar with their name, and that puts faith in new users that they’re going to have a positive experience with them.

Marketing is also used to entice new users to a website and stand out from the rest. This can include everything from free spins to signup special offers, but equally important is the brand itself. If it looks like a casino invested time and money into their brand, players are more likely to feel as though the brand is investing time and money into, as well.

Safety first!

Another buzzword in the tech world is cybersecurity. More than ever, internet users — whether over email, social media or document storage like the Cloud — are becoming concerned about the security of their data. Having a reliable infrastructure that keeps their website secure is one of the ways that online casinos can keep their customers coming back; being that real money is involved, cybersecurity becomes all the more important.

There have been some cases in the media of online casino websites gone wrong. This includes a 2011 incident where a hacker gained access to the servers of a US poker operator, stealing £7.5 million worth of chips. While technology has advanced to tighten security measures on websites, not all of them have equal levels of safety. Ensuring, and promoting, cybersecurity is a great offering to have for a casino website — that way players can have fun without being worried about their funds, or information, being hacked.

Customer service matters

Like many industries, customer service really does make a difference when it comes to attracting – and maintaining – a user base. Consumers are paying for their entertainment experience, and should they run into any difficulties while doing so — whether that’s withdrawing funds, or technical problems with a game — they want in-depth support right away.

Even if customers do have an issue while playing, they’re more likely to return to a website if good customer service is provided to them; it may even encourage them to recommend the casino website to other users.

Standing out by making an investment

The best thing a casino website can do to stand out from the crowd is to invest in their company; this includes everything from branding and marketing, to customer service and new games. It’s their investment in these features that will keep customers loyal to a website in the long run.

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