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It’s official, festival season is on the horizon. Whether a first timer or a regular festival goer, don’t face the mud and rain unprepared this year. For those taking valuables, OverBoard’s range of element proof gadget cases and bags will help keep belongings safe and dry this summer.

OverBoard Gadget Cases (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4s, 5/c/s and e-readers). Starting at £17.49 from

Keep all gadgets fully protected from the inevitable festival mud, rain and spilt drinks with OverBoard’s range of waterproof gadget cases. A transparent front enables full use of all touchscreen controls and applications without removal. The cases also features a padded rear hand loop, and comes with a neck lanyard, so no need to worry if a sporadic group Mexican wave starts.

Waterproof Camera Case, starting at £18.75 from

OverBoard’s waterproof camera case will allow users to capture every moment this festival season. Featuring a Lenflex front and rear window and a Slide Seal Systemfor ultra clear photos, this case is submersible to 19ft/6cm of water.  Providing protection from sand and dirt, users won’t have to leave cameras at home. The case is compatible with both cameras and camera phones.

Waterproof Dry Pouch Bags, available in a range of colours, £14.99 from

For festival-goers looking for convenient and easy packing this year, these lightweight and durable pouches are a must have. Available in a range of colours, OverBoard’s Dry Pouch bags will enable small valuables to be kept neatly separate, dry and safe. Featuring OverBoard’s trusted Fold Seal System, each pouch can conveniently clip onto any belt or bag loop.

Dry Tube Bags, available in a range of sizes and colours, starting at £11.99 from

OverBoard’s Dry Tube Bag is ideal for protecting anything from harsh weather due to the durable waterproof tarpaulin material it’s made from. Whether it’s an iPad, a change of clothes or that last pair of clean socks, everything can be kept secure and dry. These bags can double up as an ice bucket, drinks cooler, or even a pillow, perfect for chilling out post-event. Available in 5, 12, 20, 30 and 40 litres sizes.

Pro Sports Range, available in a range of sizes and colours, starting at £54.99 from

For those travelling to a festival from further afield, the Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack is ideal. It boasts a 100% waterproof roll top design, ensuring all items will be safe, secure and water free. Not only is it fully submersible, but it will also protect all items from dust, sand and water. Keep it in or outside the tent or drop it in the mud, it won’t make a difference.

For demonstration videos of the products above visit OverBoard’s YouTube channel:


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