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Gigabyte are a well known PC component brand so it is of no surprise that they have ventured into the peripheral market like many other companies. We’ve seen many brands jump aboard the mechanical keyboard wagon – with MSI being one of the latest, however we are starting to see new designs, albeit some a bit silly, whereas others have greatly improved an already old concept. The keyboard I am looking at today is the Gigabyte Osmium Aivia Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, that whilst it is not a new release it has some features that we are still not finding on some of the newer keyboards.

Since release, Gigabyte have provided an additional Cherry MX switch flavour, so it now comes in the MX brown variant alongside MX red switches. Both versions feature different coloured LEDs, with the red switches housing a blue LED and the brown, the increasingly popular white LEDs. Other than the switch type and LED colour, the features remain the same – see the specs below:

Interface USB 2.0
Switch Life 50 million times
Key Profile Standard
Peak Force 45g
USB Port USB3.0 + USB2.0
Audio Microphone-in/ Earphone-out
Weight 1500g ±10%
Dimension 454(L)* 257(W)*45(H) mm
Cable Length 2.0m ±10%
OS Support Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7
Certificate CE, FCC, BSMI
Color Black

Let’s take a closer look at the keyboard.


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