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The final in my series of LBATS gaming mice reviews is the very Cyborg inspired style X9. Just from first impressions, the X9 looks a bit like the X7 mouse’s big brother from looks alone but how does this mouse perform and is the performance and day to day use as good as its looks? Join me in this review and we will find out!


A lightweight aluminium chassis and ergonomic design enhances the gaming mouses rigidity and gives a perfect hand feel, which will provide gamers with the most comfortable gaming experience.
9 Programmable Buttons is convenient for you to take control of your games like LOL, Dota.
High precision 4000 DPI, 4 models customisable dpi setting with 4 customisable coloured LED indicator lights create a cool gaming atmosphere.

Wide compatibility both in computers and console systems as well as Android devices (which may need a USB adapter), just plug and play.

  • Brand: LBATS (Lightning Bats).
  • LED light: RGB (can be turned off).
  • Operating Voltage: 5V.
  • Operating Current: 100MA.
  • System Requirement: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10, free USB (1.1/2.0) port, CD-ROM driver.
  • Acceleration: 30G.
  • DPI: Adjustable DPI, Max. 4000DPI.
  • Mouse cable length: Approx. 1.8m/5.9ft


Like with the previous LBATS mice I have looked at, the X9 also has its own management suite; it feels very similar to the suite the X8 uses which is pleasant, I found that the layout is really precise and does pretty much what is said on the tin. There are four different portions much like the previous mouse I looked at, the x8, but it has a slightly different skin thrown over it so there’s easy distinction between what version you are using. I found that the software is really easy to use but doesn’t have a huge impact on what the mouse can do as it is ready to use out of the box thanks to plug and play!

As you can see above the opening title screen for the software is really well laid out and is super easy to navigate, which for me is a must when using any peripheral management software, each segment that is customisable is clearly laid out and the annotated picture of the mouse also helps immensely when mapping those game changing macros!

One thing I was a little disappointed with is a lack of RGB colour effects as the X9 doesn’t allow for a scroll of colours but just the ability to choose how often the mouse pulses and what colour it pulses with. I’d have liked to see maybe the option for a pulse of colours just to show the RGB off really well.

The nice bit for me with the software is the background not changing on each subsection as it looks cool but if each portion did have a different theme it’d be a lot easier to distinguish which portion covers the customisation options. Other than that it’s simple and easy to navigate and once you have all the bits set up the way you want you’ll rarely use it, I’ve only ever gone back into the software to change the colours of the led lighting since getting my x9 mouse.


The important stuff is upon us now, the mouse performance and how does it do. Well, surprisingly it’s pretty much a similar kettle of fish to previous LBATS mice I have reviewed, which is both good and bad in many ways. It performs really well in the usual day to day tasks, mostly web browsing and the odd word processing sessions. I have also found that the button layout suits me better as I have slightly larger hands than the average Joe so they are within easy reach. As I mentioned earlier the performance in day to day tasks doesn’t really differ between each model from the LBATS range it’s more the aesthetics and ergonomics that change.

There are some decent features for this mouse though, one being the adjustment portion to allow for people with smaller or larger-handed users to get that sweet spot for comfort. The button layout is pretty decent as you don’t loose any use when the mouse is fully stretched, you do however get better use when it’s set to the smallest size but other than that the mouse does the job it was built for.

I imagine you will want to hear how gaming performance is now that you are this far in and I’m happy to say it’s really good, again I have used GTA 5 as my testing ground. The X9 can happily keep up with the frantic side to side motions in first person mode but it also keeps movement silky smooth which is really pleasant. It does feel that sometimes, after a long day gaming, the whole LBATS range is designed more for MMOS or MMORPG games than casual. There’s nothing wrong with that either but for me personally, after having gotten to grips with all 3 mice, there aren’t really any noticeable performance increases or changes between each mouse which is a little saddening.


So now to the finale and the overall decisions on the X9 mouse, for me, it’s a great looking mouse and features a few good things such as the multitude of buttons and the length adjustment but I feel that it’s lacking something that could make it stand out. The performance isn’t too dissimilar to the X7 and X8 when its comes to gaming and daily use, which for the higher end mouse I’d expect to see some real differences. The RGB isn’t great as it will only allow for a set colour not multiple. I’d like to see LBATS come out with a new mouse above the 3 I’ve looked at that has better optical sensors and a true RGB lighting scheme. Overall it’s a good mouse but I’ll stick with my X7 as it covers all 3 mice and works spot on for me. I’ve given the value award for the x9 as its a bargain £22.99 for the black variant or a cheap as chips £17.99 for the blue variant, this is a mighty good price for a gaming mouse. This is the top end price wise compared the X7 at £14.99 and the X8 at a brilliant price of £13.99. If you need a gaming mouse these are the range for you!

 Awards image 7

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Decent quality for the price point
– Works great for daily tasks and gaming

– Could have better RGB functionality
– Would be nice to see an actual performance difference between this and other LBATS mice.

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