Mobile payment has taken online casinos by a wave. It is especially evident where Google Pay and Apple Pay dominate the contactless payment l. Some conversations are going on regarding which one is better for gambling sites. Continue reading to find this out.

What is Google Pay?

Users may use their Android mobile devices, tablets, or smartwatches to initiate transactions for merchandise and activities via applications, the internet, and in-person courtesy of the Google Pay digital payment solution. Google Pay is a state-of-the-art digital payment system allowing Android users to conduct online and mobile transactions. That is the advancement that came with the launch of Android Pay in 2015. It builds atop the framework created by the initial Google Wallet, which was released in 2011.

Players can utilize Google Pay to conduct any physical and digital purchases with the Google Wallet app specifically at online casinos. To make contactless or online deposits easier, Google Pay allows them to save their card details in their wallets, which removes the necessity for actual bank cards. Physical bank cards are no longer required as a result just like in Apple Pay.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Pay


  • Keeping your personal information secret from online casinos adds another layer of security provided by Google Pay. Google Pay just provides a virtual account number to the casino when you use this payment option, so you don’t need to physically enter your bank account or credit card information.
  • By requiring all transactions to be authorized with a PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint, Google Pay gambling sites offer the highest level of security. This prevents unintentional transactions and ensures that no one can deposit money into a casino without your express consent.
  • Users shouldn’t become anxious if they lose a device that has Google Pay configured on it. To remove cards from your Google Wallet and secure your financial information, use the Locate My Device function of Google. In the event of device loss or theft, you can do this to take control of your account and safeguard your data.


  • Near-field communication (NFC) technology is necessary for Google Pay to function while making in-person purchases. Customers won’t be able to use Google Pay to make in-person purchases at your establishment if it doesn’t have an NFC terminal.
  • Depending on the sender’s chosen payment method, a Google Pay transaction may take up to three to five business days to appear in your bank account.
  • You might not be able to use Google Pay as a payment method depending on where the casino is located in the world.

What is Apple Pay?

Users of Apple Pay can make payments in-person, through iOS apps, and online. Apple Pay is a mobile payment service. It works with the iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, and Mac. At a point-of-sale terminal that supports contactless, it digitizes and can take the place of a credit or debit card transaction using a chip and PIN.

Payments are quick and safe, and there are no additional costs to be concerned about. To further guarantee consumer security, transactions are authenticated. Also, there is no need to enter complicated account or bank card information, which might take time and are well-known to be inconvenient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Pay


  • You need only a few touches to load your mobile casino account. There is no requirement to register for a different wallet, download an app, pay additional fees, or go out and purchase a coupon.
  • You can be sure that it complies with the strictest security requirements. Even though your Apple Pay account is connected to a card or even several cards, no card details are ever shown during a transaction. Technically, it makes use of an EMV Payment Token, and each transaction generates a unique code.
  • Apple Pay can be used for mobile bingo and casino games as well as for everyday purchases. You can use Apple Pay while traveling because many stores and other countries already accept it.


  • Apple Pay is not accepted by all casinos, even though the number of casinos that do so is rising.
  • Your device must be on, and it must always be charged for it to work.
  • Apple Pay is available only on limited devices like iOS 8 and iOS 10 for the web.
  • There is no method to return winnings to an Apple Wallet; it can only be used to deposit money.


It’s not hard to find out which payment method is better. It all goes down to what’s accessible for the players and to their preferences. Also, gambling websites should be regulated according to gambling laws for contactless payment to be reliable.

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