Ok, so the full-blown $1520, 375GB Optane based PCIe SSD is a bit rich for most people’s wallets. However, the standard M.2 form factor Optane Memory Accelerator which uses similar tech is now available to purchase at a much more friendly price.

In order to take advantage of the Intel SSD, you must be running an Intel KabyLake i3 series or better CPU on a 200 series chipset which does mean at present people looking to give their slightly older PCs a speed boost are out of luck. If your machine fits the bill though and your looking to give a speed boost to those large mechanical hard drives you have fitted then your in luck.

The Intel Optane Memory Accelerator will be sold in two sizes, at $45 there will be the 16GB version, while $77 will buy you the larger 32GB version. Now although they are available to purchase, orders for the Optane device aren’t expected to ship for just a few more days.

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