To those who follow tech this suit has been around for some time now, designed back in 2012 by artist Kogoro Kurata and crafted by robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki.

The Kuratas mech suit is a 13-foot-tall, 4.4-ton robotic suit that’s operated by a pilot inside the cockpit, but if you don’t fancy jumping in the cockpit and controlling the suit manually, then you can use a remote control to operate it from the outside. The mech suit rolls around on a tripod system with wheels on the end of each leg, maxing out to reach a top speed of 6mph.

As for being able to afford it, may take some time at a huge ¥120,000,000 ($1.35m) even at this price tag is arms/weaponry is not included.  The “weapon systems” though looking amazing is made to be eco friendly and safe for humans because I’m guessing real weaponry would be miss used, with the LOHAS launcher looking like a water bottle canon and accuracy left to be desired. Its twin Gatling guns try to make up for that and can shoot 6000 BBs per minute, uses automatic alignment and can be fired by just smiling.

The whole thing while a bit gimmicky has hopefully started the move of mech suits in combat and personal use that we think of in the future. Amazon listing clearly states that ‘safety and comfort’ are not guaranteed, but whoever buys this isn’t going for the luxuries but the gaming, geeky, anime dream.

Source – Engadget

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  1. you have got to start selling these to the us army and the us police this could help the police with the crime and it could help the army protect the USA.

  2. and are they made of titanium if they are not you have to make them out of titanium so they are harder to bring down.

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