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Copenhagen, Denmark, March 25, 2014 – Groundbreaking wireless speaker company Libratone has been awarded two of the highest awards in the design industry this year – an iF Design Award and a prestigious Red Dot Award. The Libratone Loop was awarded for its innovative and high quality design within the product design category for both. This is the second year in a row that a wireless speaker in the Libratone family has been recognised by the iF awards, and the first time Libratone has won the coveted quality seal of a Red Dot Award.

Launched in the autumn of 2013, the versatile Libratone Loop features a duo stand and elegant wall-mount, making placement in the home incredibly easy and flexible. The slim, stylish and wall-mountable speaker impressed both the iF jury, consisting of experts and designers from all over the world, and the 40 strong member expert panel for Red Dot. Both prestigious design awards have recognised outstanding achievements in design for many years and the high international reputation of these is, not least, due to the top-class level of the entries.

“We are thrilled that the Loop has been awarded in this year’s iF and Red Dot Awards,” said Tommy Andersen, Libratone CEO. “Libratone aims to design products that perfectly align with a 21st Century lifestyle and frees users from tired notions of what a speaker should look like, and how it should fit into their lives.”

Libratone’s latest wireless speaker, the Loop, is clad in fine Italian wool and brings couture into the world of sound. By combining great audio engineering with a design that blends in to modern home décor, Libratone sound systems stand out from the traditional black-box speakers which crowd the market today. “Without compromising on the audio experience, Libratone uses form and colour in an unconventional way to create a visually appealing and beautiful unisex design that people can personalise according to their own tastes and décor”, continued Tommy.

Libratone was presented with the iF award earlier this year in Munich and the Loop will also be included in the iF yearbook published in April. The speaker will be showcased at Exhibition Unit 1 until June 9th 2014 at the new and permanent iF flagship exhibition in the very heart of Hamburg’s HafenCity.

The 7th July is awards night for Red Dot, in Essen, Germany, where Libratone will be presented with its award. The Red Dot Design Museum in Essen will also be opened for four weeks, a public exhibition showing off around 2,000 exhibits, including the Loop. This is the largest exhibition of contemporary designs worldwide.

About Libratone
Libratone is a global wireless speaker company that marries beautiful design with exceptional sound in its lineup of easy-to-use, beautifully crafted products. With a mission to free consumers from the traditionally clunky black boxes and compromised audio quality that dominates the speaker market today, Libratone offers a range of products including in-home sound bars, smaller units for multi-room use, and a fully portable battery-powered version, all draped in Italian wool covers, vibrant colors and shapes that integrate with modern home décor. Headquartered globally in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with U.S. headquarters outside Boston, Libratone has been dedicated to delivering freedom and purity of sound through its speakers since 2009.

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