It may appear that Microsoft has changed their priorities when it comes to the future. What originally was the Kinect has now been replaced with Virtual Reality. The Redmond Company are looking to develop a “head-worn virtual gaming device” of its own. A DigiTimes report claims that the team behind Microsoft’s Surface is working on the new device. They are planning an E3 unveiling, which would enable the company to try and beat Sony’s version which is titled “Project Morpheus.” So basically as the title says, Microsoft bringing VR to E3.

One of the games that Microsoft has recently purchased would be perfect for VR, and I’m surprised they have never tapped into it. That game would be Minecraft. With the game cancelling any form of working with the new Oculus Rift it’s apparent that Microsoft could be working their magic on the title. The rumours have also not stated whether it will be an Xbox exclusive or not, this means that we may also get a PC port which would be awesome.

E3 is next June so we have a long, long way to go. I’m sure as the months go on we may get leaks, news, or some early reveal. But for us users out in the gaming world it appears as though we may be getting a lot less Kinect and a lot more VR. I don’t know about you but that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


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