There is a new PC Case manufacturer and they are wasting no time in trying to win everyone over, especially modders! The new case by HEX GEAR comes in a number of colours and has some amazing accessories and customization options available with it so each individual users can get theirs just the way they want. Have a look at some of the features below and be sure to stop by their website!




The HEX GEAR product range starts out with our flagship micro ATX case, the R40. We will be supplying a wide range of accessories for this case, so you can personalize it to exactly fit your theme.

Accent packs

One of the easiest ways you can customize your HEX GEAR R40 is to buy one of our accent pack kits. These let you change the color scheme of your entire case, by simply swapping out two plates! We will be supplying them in many different colors and can make custom colours quickly with our in-house laser cutter if you have any special color requirements.

Motherboard mounting plates

To ease up the mounting of parts in the HEX GEAR R40 we have made a removable aluminium plate that connects directly to the case frame, this standard plate is blank for you to modify, but we will have several pre-made plates available in our store to fit the most commonly used parts.

Hard mounted feets

The standard HEX GEAR R40 comes with two acrylic pedestal feet that make the case look as if it is “floating” on your desk. If this isn’t for you we have a kit ready!  This will allow you to hard mount four rubber feet to the bottom of the chassis. We also encourage people to mod the case, so it is also possible to simply drill four holes in the supplied panel, and then mount any feet of your liking!

SSD stacking kit

Just in case anyone needs more than 3 SSD´s in their case, or simply wants ie. two ssd´s and two mechanical drives, we have made two tiny plates that will allow you to mount  two ssd´s on top of each other. Because you can never have to much storage right?

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