CableMod PSU Cable Kit Review 7

Introduction & Closer Look

Brand: CableMod
Model: 1 x CableMod CM-Series VS Cable Kit – ORANGE & 1 x
CableMod CM-Series VS Cable Kit – WHITE
Price: £69.95 each @Overclockers UK (At time of review)

Cable extensions might not be one of the first thought of upgrades for a system or PC build and hey, it might not wield any performance benefit, but the aesthetical advantage of having a clean, crisp and clear interior screams WORTH IT to me. With cable modding being pretty big business recently, companies like BitFenix and NZXT have been capitalising on this particular sector and let’s be honest, they have been doing it rather well. Of course the option to have cables made to specific lengths, colour combinations and design schematics is very appealing to most, not everyone is willing to splurge out £100-200 on a set of cables from the likes of Pexon PCs. One company, however, has gone one step further than just regular generic extensions…

Enter CableMods, a company founded to not only give consumers and modders the option to revitalise their own interior with cool and colourful cables, but these are not extensions! These cables are actually tailor-made to specific brands and models of power supplies such as Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA and be Quiet!. Now CableMod actually do sell ModFlex sleeved cables and connectors to allow users to create their own combinations of these cables, so every base is pretty much covered in terms of flexibility, but how do they feel, how do they look and are they of a good enough quality to stand out?

CableMod were very kind enough to send out 2 sets for our upcoming show rig, Project Arctic X 945 which is taking pride of place on the MSI stand at this year’s summer Insomnia Gaming Festival or i55 as more widely known. With our power supplies being 2 x Cooler Master V1200w Platinum power supplies, we were delighted to find out CableMod did specific cables for this particular series of power supply; hence 2 cable kits for 2 power supplies. To fit with the theme of our system, we received 1 x white set and 1 x orange set; this gives us a nice colour contrast throughout the system.

Now I have seen many different variations of custom cable extensions and even fully made custom cables over the years, but none of them have come close to being packaged superbly; CableMod has broken the mould here in my opinion with their Premium Cable Kit. When ordering or purchasing something with the name “premium”, you would expect that eliteness and snobbery to extend throughout every aspect of the product; presentation, packaging, quality. Packaging wise, we are very impressed with the sleek black boxes, the clean cardboard sleeve and upon opening the boxes, we were greeted with both kids in cloth CableMod black bags; very premium indeed!

CableMod Box 1

CableMod Box 2

CableMod Box 3

Upon removing the cables, as you can see, CableMod have included a card referring to their “Quality assurance guarantee”. A nice touch in our opinion and even has a contact email direct to the company if there are any issues with the cables upon opening, or you can even provide feedback if necessary.

CableMod Box 4

Each cable comes individually pre-wrapped which not only stops tangling between cables but ensures the quality of the cable leaving the factory, is the exact quality you will receive in your hands.

CableMod Cables 1

Both sets of cables come individually sleeved with good quality paracord cabling with a thin design. As previously mentioned, these kits shown are specifically designed to be used with the VS range of Cooler Master Power Supplies, which does include the V1200 model we intend to use them with. Each cable is 100% heat shrink free and any interior cabling is invisible this making them a very attractive option for those who do want clean looking cables; nothing worse than bits of pin or black heat shrink showing on a cable.

CableMod Cables 2

Final Thoughts

To sum up the CableMod premium cable kits up, there are quite a lot of benefits and very few pitfalls with these cables; I guess that means I like them right? Well, you would be right, but there are many reasons for this which I will explain.

One thing with pre-braided or even custom cables in all manners of speaking is their instincts to either be too stiff or flex too much. The CableMod cables here do neither, in fact, they balance out very well taking pre-bought premade cables to the next level. Of course, a set of Pexon PC’s cables might have that handmade feeling and cost considerably more, but does it really make them THAT much better than the CableMods? The answer really is no, it doesn’t! Those who sleeve cables for a living or as a general hobby along with modding know that a full set of these cables is likely to take at least 2-3 days to complete; quite a while in all honesty! Imagine all the finger burning from making your own, all those fiddly bits, cutting, measuring, making mistakes and having to do over. No such problems exist with the CableMods sets and if you are happy with solid colours in which CableMods provide, then you’re going to appreciate all that time and effort saved; this is of course providing you have a power supply in which CableMods provide kits for.

So providing you have a compatible power supply, these kits are available to you and contain a full set of cables for your given power supply, in a colour of your choice. You can check if your range is available or preferred colour here at the CableMod website – CLICK HERE

Final Verdict: If you have a power supply with CableMod support, want to revitalise your power supplies look, or just want to inject some vibrancy into your system, then the CableMod cable kits are Play3r recommended! Although their flexibility is less with these kits in terms of supported models of power supply, assorted colours etc., they do offer fantastic value for money and are a total snip at £70.  All in all, they are best pre-sleeved cables on the market in my opinion and those mulling over the decision to grab a set, will not be disappointed with the quality!

You can purchase and see the full range here over at Overclockers UK – CLICK HERE


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Many different brands and models of power supplies are supported
– Good value for money compared to hand made sleeved cables
– A nice range of colours available
– Very vibrant colours and good quality paracord used


– Not EVERY model and make is supported, although you can make your own thanks to CableMod’s individual cables & connectors
– Very thin cables so certain cable combs might not be suitable

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