• Brand: Innergie
  • Model: LifeHub
  • RRP: £54.99

We are obsessed with gadgets, from fitness tracking bracelets to smartphones and tablets, you name it, we love them. Nearly everyone carries some form of portable technological device, all of which require almost a daily charge to keep them operational. In some houses, most of the occupants will have a mobile phone or media player and trying to charge them all at similar times can cause a bit of a power socket shortage. Innergie have come up with a solution to this problem by creating a USB hub, dubbed the LifeHub, which can charge three USB devices simultaneously, at a whopping reach of up to 4.5m (plus the length of a standard charging cable), due to the hub running off the mains. It also features inbuilt protection from over-voltage/current, over-temps and short circuits. They have also included an energy saving mode, for when your devices are not charging.

Lets take a look:

The Innergie comes in a relatively plain box, with graphics of the LifeHub and a shot of it in use.

Inside the box you have the power brick, UK power plug (although it is also available with EU and US plugs), the Cable Cradle and the Innergie LifeHub.

The LifeHub is very sleek looking, with three USB ports at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

The LifeHub slots incredibly well into the cable managing part, allowing you to keep your 3m long cable tangle free.

The 3m cable simply wraps around the cable manager, keeping it neat and tidy.

When connected to the mains, the cut out in the LifeHub glows a nice blue, indicating it is powered on.


Overall I think the LifeHub is a great accessory that any family should have in the house – or even if there are two of you, it makes sharing the charger that much easier. The LifeHub is a great redesign of the classic USB charger, featuring inbuilt protection and of course, increasing the distance you can be from a socket by 4.5m, which I find is incredible – especially since it will still provide all of your devices with 5V and 2.1A. The inbuilt cable management system is a great feature, resulting in a tidy and clutter free charging system.

The only downside to the Innergie LifeHub is the cost: at £54.99 the price is pretty damn steep, but considering you’d pay almost a 3rd of that price for a typical Apple charger, and given you have the ability to charge 10,000 different devices using the LifeHub, it could warrant the additional cost.

In the end, I think the LifeHub is a great device for houses where there are multiple users of phones, tablets and other tech devices, who often want to charge them at the same time. The extended reach is also great, meaning you can now use that power socket the other side of the room with no issues.

Thanks for sending us the product Innergie, we look forward to seeing what comes from you in the future.

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