• Brand: Tech21
  • Model: MacBook Pro 15″ Impact Snap Case
  • RRP: £59.99

We are always on the move, constantly lugging our expensive gadgets around with us. One of the most common items for most is a laptop, which is not only essential to a lot of us, but also subject to a lot more abuse, from throwing it in a backpack, to tossing it in the back of your car. No matter what you do, inevitably something will happen rendering it damaged, which is why Tech21 have stepped up to produce the latest in laptop protection – or should I say MacBook Pro protection; with the Impact Snap Case.

Tech21 is a relatively small company, yet they have created some impressive means of protection for mobile devices, laptops and tablets. Impactology™ is Tech21’s science of protecting devices from drops, bangs and knocks using intelligently designed and user-friendly products. FlexShock™ is one of the latest protection technologies to come from Tech21 and is a prominent feature of the Impact Snap case. Essentially it is a hybrid energy absorbing material combined with unique geometric patterns that help dissipate the energy from a impact.

The Impact Snap case is specifically designed for the MacBook Pro (MBP) Retina 15″ model, although there are other models for the MacBook Air and smaller MBP models. There are four colours available; pink, purple, clear and black, the latter of which I’m taking a look at today.


The case comes in two halves, each of which is made up of two layers. The outer black layer is rigid and designed to protect from scratches and grazes, with the white layer acting as the energy dampening barrier to prevent major damage to your MacBook Pro.

Each half is void of any features sans a small logo on the bottom corner.

Don’t worry Apply fanboys, you can still see the Apple logo when it is illuminated!

The case is incredibly easy to fit – it just snaps onto each half, although it is pretty difficult to remove.

All the ports are left exposed so are fully accessible.

When fully assembled, the case does not add much to the bulk of the already slim MacBook Pro. It doesn’t quite encompass the whole machine, but covers the majority of it, resulting in a well protected bit of kit.

Now I didn’t really fancy tossing my relatively new MacBook Pro about, however testing the case itself revealed it can take a fair bit of punishment without breaking or exposing the delicate interior. Another concern of mine was whether the case would cause an increase in temperature as my MBP already runs hot, but Tech21 have thought of that already and have included ventilation points on the case.

Overall the Tech21 Impact Snap case is probably one of the better cases that I’ve tried on my MBP. Not only is it incredibly low profile and slim, it actually provides that extra level of protection, giving you piece of mind when sticking it in your bag before heading off on a flight or that commute through busy streets. Whether you are on the move or just at home, the Impact Snap case not only looks great, but also helps prevent impairing the great aesthetics of Apple’s MBP – although to an extent I’m yet to find out as I’m too much of a chicken to risk dropping my MBP deliberately. Fitting the case couldn’t be easier, removing it is another question however, although it’s not likely you’d want to take it off.

Is it worth the high price tag of £59.99? Well, the question should be “do you want to risk damaging your rather expensive MBP? Personally I’d say no, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you think that putting this case on my Macbook may scratch where it clicks on? I’m a little worried that if it is a hard case it will scratch the sides.
    I hope you can help with this.
    Thank you

    • Hi Laura, it shouldn’t do as it is designed to protect, not demolish! That being said, I can see where you are coming from! – Gav

  2. One of the main concerns with protective cases are the angle of the ‘screen’ once opened. I wonder if this protective case hampers the screen from opening beyond 90º?

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