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Manufacturer: Venom Gaming
Model: Twin Docking Station
RRP: £20

The best of British, Venom Gaming, are back in the Play3r labs this time with a peripheral for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Venom are looking to pick-up Microsoft’s slack in the battery department with their Twin Docking Station which comes with two rechargeable batteries and a docking station for a reasonable RRP of £20 – the same price an official Play and Charge kit costs with only one battery.


  • Dock, store and charge.
  • Rapid recharge cradle for 2 Xbox One® wireless controllers.
  • Keep controllers fully charged and ready to use.
  • Supplied with x2 Nimh rechargeable battery packs.
  • Charges whilst on standby.
  • Polished black finish to match controllers.
  • Red LED charge indicators turn to green once controllers are fully charged.
  • Up to 18 hours gameplay.
  • Charges via USB cable (included)

What Venom say about the Twin Docking Station:

“Keep controllers fully charged and ready for action with Venom’s smart Twin Docking Station. The rapid recharge cradle enables you to power up two wireless controllers without needing to leave your Xbox One®  on. Featuring a polished black finish to match your Xbox One®controllers, red charging LED indicators turn green once fully charged. Two powerful Nimh rechargeable battery packs provide maximum power for gameplay of up to 18 hours.”

For the most part the specifications of the charging dock are self explanatory and straight to the point. 18 hours game time per charge should be enough for most healthy gaming sessions and the ability to charge the batteries with the system in stand-by means you can eat, sleep, game, repeat to your hearts content. The XT+ headset we last reviewed from Venom was a strong value for money product and the Twin Docking Station appears to be more of the same. As it’s a charging dock it is likely to be on show somewhat, so let’s see if Venom have got the styling right…


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  1. how long should it take to charge mine has been on 4hrs and still a red light this is the second one and does the same thing

  2. how long should they take to charge mines been on charge for 4hrs and still red this is the scene d one I’ve had that does the same thing

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