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Hot on the heels of League of Legend’s Season 4 launch, Multiplay have today announced that the country’s largest League of Legends tournaments will be at their next three i Series LAN events starting with this April’s i51 at the Ricoh Arena:

Multiplay, organiser of the United Kingdom’s biggest gaming festivals, is pleased to announce a year-long partnership with Razer™, a world leader in entertainment devices and software. As part of the deal, Razer will serve as the official Tournament Sponsor for League of Legends® at all Insomnia festivals in 2014.

Beginning with Insomnia51, April 18 to April 21 at Coventry´s Ricoh Arena, this partnership bolsters an on-going relationship between Multiplay and Razer™, which began with Razer&acutes sponsorship commitments with Insomnia last year. It also guarantees some of the largest League of Legends® prize pools in the UK for the year.

There are 70 million-plus registered players and more than 32 million daily active users playing League of Legends®, making it one of the most popular games in history.

With generous prize pools for the Razer™ League of Legends® Challenger Cup at every Insomnia event, this year´s Festivals underscore the combined commitment of Multiplay and Razer™ to its vibrant and wide reaching gaming communities.

Minimum prize pools for each Insomnia festival are currently as follows:

  • Insomnia 51 £5,000
  • Insomnia 52 £7,500
  • Insomnia 53 £5,000

“After an incredible 2013, we were determined to raise our game further still in 2014, and we couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Razer for every Insomnia Festival in 2014,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & founder of Multiplay. “Razer´s energy, drive and strong brand resonate with our customers, and this partnership allows us to further expand our plans for another fantastic year ahead.”

Min-Liang Tan, co-founder, CEO and creative director of Razer, said: “We here at Razer take our Motto,“For Gamers. By Gamers,” very seriously, especially when it comes to the highest levels of competitive gaming and the gaming lifestyle. Partnering up again with Multiplay on an event series such as Insomnia was a natural decision for us based on our common interest in eSports and the success of last year´s Insomnia Festivals.”

Tickets are available online at insomniagamingfestival.com

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