With advancements in technology, we are now seeing classic board games re-mastered on out computer screens but nothing will beat building with Lego blocks. Or is there?

Google and Lego have now partnered up to release a chrome application to bring the users favourite past time of playing with Lego to a whole new virtual world! ‘Build with Chrome’ was first unveiled in 2012 as an experiment but now two years later, it is open to everyone and anyone who wants to feel their inner child come out. Having said that, there are ideas in the pipelines of mega builds to help simulate building simulations and see if mechanically, structures would be possible but this will be a long time coming as with all the additional features, the app would require years of development to get it just right.

Combined with keyboard shortcut keys, building will be easier as the user can use these assigned keys to do just about anything you could in real life, from placing, removing, rotating and assist with stacking blocks much faster than it  used to take to  build and pull apart your creations. Build with Chrome will feature some social aspects and since its Google, it will be powered by Google +. The Google + implementation will allow you to see what everyone in your ‘circle’ has built and vice versa, Google says the app uses a “new categorization system for completed Builds that will help you sort and filter for specific types of structures.”

The app should also work on Android versions of chrome although Google has recommended to its users that you use a device with high end graphics capabilities, which doesn’t really cull down the handsets that wouldn’t suffer from this graphical block smashing creation.

The main benefit we see here at Play3r is that you can create and destroy until our heart is content, more importantly you won’t stand on any of the pieces!

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