We are always on the move, whether we are going to work or around to a friends house, but nearly always we need to carry our laptop, camera or tablet around with us, so it is important to keep these items protected during travel. There are some dedicated bags out there for laptops and tablets, but what about both? Are they waterproof? Can they fit all the cables in also? These are many questions the the French company Be.ez have answered with their latest bag – the LE Bag Pro, which comes in two sizes for 13″ and 15/17″ laptops or Macbooks. Following their traditional approach, Be.ez have given the bag a simple look, yet packed it out with features, including:

  • Backpack for MacBook Pro. Exists in 2 versions, one for MBP 13, other for MBP 15/17.
  • Main body fabric in ballisitic nylon 1682D with double polyurethan backing
  • Nylon 210D with double PU backing lining, neoprene, jersey fabric and mesh fabrics also use for pockets and organizers.
  • Wind tunnel support structure created in high density foam and mesh fabric
  • Rain cover in nylon, protection level IPX4. Compatible with shoul- der straps.
  • Bag main compartments secured by flaps, closed with velcro and shoulder straps weight tension while carrying.
  • Fast access pocket with soft lining to damper sounds
  • Secret pockets in flaps, reachable without removing the bag, and inside the bag under fast access pocket.
  • Padded computer pocket with lid. Double mesh pocket between back and computer to keep your documents flat. CD organizer along computer pocket.
  • Reflective printing on the rain cover for your own safety by night.

As you can see it is feature rich, with zips, pockets and even more zips. The overall colour scheme is of a two tone nature, black and “camel,” which gives the inside quite a contrast to the outside, which is made of a ballistic nylon. There are two hidden pockets each side of the bag hidden by the velcro “wings”.

Surprisingly there is no handle on the top of the bag, which to me is fairly important when you are on the go and need to grab your bag in a hurry. The bad is fairly wide to accommodate a laptop up to 17″ so it may look a bit weird if you’re quite a small person. It has two rugged straps which can be adjusted easily and plenty of padding on the back.

The bag is already made of a water resistant nylon, but it also features a full waterproof rain cover in case you are caught in a heavy downpour.

The bag is split up into two main compartments and a smaller pocket on the top, which is lined with a soft touch fabric that is ideal for keeping your phone or MP3 player. The two main sections are for storing your laptop/Macbook in and any additional cables or power supplies. The main section for storing your laptop or Macbook is a padded compartment with a double padded base to give it that extra protection. This area can also be used to store the power supply and any other items in the netted pockets.

The next section has  zipped netted compartments and six pockets that can be used for storing devices like portable hard drives and cables. This section can open fully with the zips pulled all the way down.

Overall the bag is fairly heavy when empty, but this is the cost you must pay for having such great protection of your gear. Having all the extra compartments is ideal for keeping all your cables and devices organised and the netted compartments allow you to see exactly what you have stored in there and the additional top pocket, with the soft lining is superb for keeping your phone or mp3 player safe, without the risk of scratching it. I’m not sure what I’d keep in the hidden pockets, again, you can never have enough storage space.

On thing I did not like about the LE Bag Pro is the lack of a handle on the top. I’m used to grabbing my bag by the top handle and just throwing it around my back. Unfortunately this isn’t something you can do with this bag, so instead you’ll have to grab a strap. I’m not entirely keen on the colours either, but it is a good contrast and does look very modern. Only thing I didn’t really notice until I was called out to take some photos, was that it couldn’t really handle many devices that are more bulky – as opposed to being flat and thin like a laptop. The bag didn’t have a huge amount of give in it either, mainly because I had packed the bag out and filled nearly every pocket. That said, everything was secure and in place except for my DSLR.

With the Be.ez LE Bag Pro, one thing you’ll never have to worry about is damaging your gear whilst it’s inside. The whole bag oozes decent build quality and has a rugged and sturdy design to it. Sure it may not be up to everyone’s taste, but at £90 it’s a small price to pay to protect your equipment when you’re out and about.

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