Nvidia’s dual-GPU behemoth, the GeForce GTX 690, has been out for over a year now, but the freakishly expensive GTX Titan has outsold it in less than three months. Either the GTX 690 wasn’t such a huge hit with the gamers or people are really interested in the single fastest GPU solution on the planet.

According to the source, PR Manager Ben Berraondo said that “even we were surprised just how popular the Titan was. And still is.” Even though the Titan has outsold the GTX 690, the dual GPU GTX 690 is still selling well.

At the cost of roughly £900/$1100 per card, it was a small market that NVIDIA were aiming their cards at and anyone could tell you that they wouldn’t sell in vast amounts.

The fact the GTX Titan is essentially the same supercomputer part as the Tesla K20X means that it’s not just a card for gamers, but for the budding pro-graphics guys too. Having the ability to use the double precision floating point format, at speeds of around 1.3 TFLOPS, makes it one incredible computing card, and it will cost you less than half of a Tesla K20X.

“We made Titan with no constraints to what we were doing, and priced accordingly as well,” explains Berraondo. And with a wider market to aim at the GTX Titan just keeps on rolling. “We’re basically selling every one we can get our hands on.”

If the rumours of an upcoming Titan-light card are true we could see them selling even more GK110-based cards. And maybe this time to actual gamers too.

Source: PCGamer

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