Be.ez is a leading French brand for Apple accessories. We are taking a look at the LA Allure iPhone 5 case. The be.ez LA cover Allure iPhone 5 case range has five different designs recently expanded from two designs. The different editions are listed below.

  • Allure Color
  • Allure Shibuya
  • Allure Pure White
  • Allure Black
  • Allure Estival

The front of the packaging features a rather plain but effective design featuring a white theme with grey text and in the centre of the box. It also has a window showing off the design of the case and a sticker advertising the French design, also the case is for the iPhone 5 only.


On the back of the packaging we see the key features highlighted in six different languages and the barcode.


Taking the case out of the plastic insert, my initial thoughts are how light it is, weighing just 15.5g. The case is made from be.ez signature material – ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The case seems very rigid and strong with some flex in the material.

The back of the case features a striped design with multiple colours with the be.ez logo down the bottom in the centre, although not to my personal taste, I can see its appeal. We also see a cut out for the camera and flash. The back of the case has a slight texture to it to help with grip.




On the right hand side of the case is a clear plastic protector with no cut outs. On the left hand side of the case we see a large cut out for the mute switch and volume buttons. On the top and bottom of the phone is an open design with the case finishing either side of the corners leaving access to both the power button, speakers, lighting port and headphone jack.





I am personally not a fan of this design as it leaves large parts of the phone without any protection against scratching or damage although the case does provide protection to all four corners. It is easy to put on and take off as it just pushes on and pulls off with ease as with the majority of hard cases on the market.

I found the case quite slippery in the hand although the slightly textured back did help with grip to some extent.

To conclude the case does the job; I would have liked to have seen more protection to the top and bottom of the phone and maybe more texture to the sides to aid with grip. The design is unique and would certainly make your phone stand out.

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