It has been confirmed that there will be overclocked Geforce GTX 770 and 780 cards and that manufactures are preparing them as we speak.

Since in reality this is just a rebrand of GTX 770 and 680 cards, it was not hard to imagine that this would come about. The 780 is based on Titan GK110 and is a new card, which is not simply a renamed 600-series part.

The overclocked cards will come shortly after the plain retail version with Nvidia cooler ships out in order to replace the GTX 680 and 670. The GTX 780 ends up significantly faster than the 680 due to its new GK110 chip, while the 770 should end up five to seven percent more expensive than current GTX 680. We expect to see first of these cards in the second half of June, but we expect to see announcements around Computex, in case Nvidia gives them a PR blessing.

Overclocked cards will gain a nice performance boost, but nothing spectacular as you might imagine as even the 780 card based on the Titan GK110 core ends up just slightly faster than 680. We don’t have any numbers to hand just yet but we hear that there are custom coolers and various different frequencies that should appear on the overclocked cards.

Source: Fudzilla

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