Since its earliest beginnings in 2010, has helped countless builders create their systems. With its simple interface, price comparisons and robust build creator, PCPartPicker has grown to become a fundamental tool for users around the world.

Hoping to further enhance its usability and contribute to the evolving DIY community, NZXT has entered into a long term partnership with PCPartPicker. The first product of the partnership is a newly integrated Compatibility Checker.

Found on any product page at, the compatibility checker lets users select an NZXT product and check compatibility with any other product listed in the PCPartPicker database. For example, users may enter their graphics card into the checker on the Kraken G10 page and find out immediately if their card is compatible.
Additionally, users will be able to visit the H440 product page and check compatibility with devices such as coolers, power supplies, motherboards, video cards and accessories. Utilizing PCPartPicker’s comprehensive database, the compatibility checker will be able to check compatibility between one NZXT product and almost any other system component, regardless of manufacturer.

The PCPartPicker Compatibility Checker is just one small step in NZXT’s long term goal to improve the PC building experience for everybody.

Try it out now with the H440!

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