Arctic Release Their First AIOs For CPUs: The Liquid Freezer 120 and 240 1

*Press Release* 04/11/2015: Arctic release their first ever liquid cooling product for CPUs.

The first and best CPU water-cooling solution from the house of ARCTIC: The new Liquid Freezers starts at full power.

For years ARCTIC provides delighted gamer and enthusiasts with CPU air coolers of all classes. With the first water coolers the processor cooling now reaches a new level. The Liquid Freezer 120 and the Liquid Freezer 240 start in the market not only as the quietest but also as the most powerful all-in-one coolers of their class.
Designed for extreme performance: The Liquid Freezers offer maximum cooling performance at a minimum noise level

Arctic liquid freezer 120 1

Ready for 16 cores and overclocking? With the Liquid Freezer 240, you are. The high-performance water cooler deals with up to 300 Watts TDP and has four fans on board. The Liquid Freezer 120 distinguishes itself by strong 250 Watts with dual fans. The almost silent 120 mm fans, mounted on opposite sides of the radiator, provide a great airflow by push-pull configuration. All fans are controllable with PST function to adjust the fan speed based on CPU temperature. Latest motor technology and smooth tubes offer top performance at only 2 watt power consumption.
Quality that lasts: Precise CNC manufacturing and the Fluid Dynamic Bearing ensure that the service promise can be fulfilled long-term.
And you also don’t have to worry about limited space – in contrast to most high-end air coolers the CPU water coolers fit in every standard PC case. The lighter weight load on the CPU socket makes them furthermore absolutely transport safe.

CRYORIG A Series Hybrid Liquid Cooler 2

So the CPU water coolers are just the ideal choice – for Intel as well as AMD sockets.
QUICK FACTS Liquid Freezer 120 Liquid CPU Cooler for Overclockers

  • Fits every standard case
  • Most efficient pump
  • Longer service life
  • Every unit performans the same
  • MX-4 thermal compound
  • Liquid Freezer 240 High Performance CPU Water Cooler
  • Ready for 16 cores and overclocking
  • The Liquid Freezers are now available at ARCTIC and also at Amazon and Ebay.

    MSRP Liquid Freezer 120: 71.99 £
    MSRP Liquid Freezer 240: 92.99 £

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