ASWY Announces Levitating Multi-Room Home Theater System

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 22, 2016 – ASWY, the patent holder for Levitating Speakers and the company that brought you the first Levitating Bluetooth Speaker the AIR, has announced yet another world first — a complete wireless home theater system that floats on air, emitting crystal clear sound waves to every part of the home.

“This is not one levitating speaker, but an entire set of 6 pieces, giving you concentrated, pure, uninterrupted quality of sound. SPACO is exciting because it’s the next generation of levitating speaker. We brought out the first floating speaker in 2014 with magnet and microphone, and this is the market’s first game-changer since then,” said ASWY founder, Allen Wang.

SPACO is a slickly designed, multi-room 5.1 Wi-Fi HD 192kHz / 24 bit home audio system comprising: two levitating towers, one subwoofer and three satellites, which offers superior Omnidirectional true 360-degree Surround Sound, either in one room or spread around the house.

“The multi-room system allows speakers to be placed in any room of your home, controlled by voice or App, and playing either the same or different music. In addition, using the 2-way speaker and microphone, users can talk to people in any room where there is a speaker placed, or through the app anywhere in the world, in real time, anytime,” Mr Wang said.

A prototype of the audio system will be unveiled at IFA 2016, like ASWY’s launch of the world’s first levitating speaker, AIR, two years ago.

“At IFA, we’re keen to hear feedback from show visitors, our customers and journalists on this game-changing product.”

The levitating home audio system will be launched on Indiegogo in the coming month. More advanced features and details will be revealed in the lead up to IFA.

The SPACO 5.1 wireless audio system spec includes:

  • Fully Qualified Bluetooth v4.0,HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP/SPP support and wifi HD Audio 192kHz / 24 bit
  • SBC,MP3,AAC,Faststream,APTX codec support
  • Bluetooth operating range over 10 meters Wifi over 50meters
  • Total Power 255Wrms @ 10% THD
  • SPACO CENTER – 35Wrms omnidirectional speaker output power
  • SPACO Tower x2 – 35Wrms omnidirectional satellite speaker output power
  • SPACO MINI x2- 35Wrms omnidirectional satellite speaker output power
  • SPACO WOOFER – 75Wrms omnidirectional Subwoofer speaker output power
  • HDMI/Optical/Coaxial/Aux/ DC jack in

About Aswy:

Established in 2012, ASWY brought the world the first Levitating Speaker, introducing the concept of True 360-degree Surround Sound unimpeded by surface friction. In 2014, ASWY gained patents for its Levitating Speakers and Levitating Charging Technology and began selling the award-winning AIR and AIR2 speakers, renamed ONDO. With an emphasis on premium quality, ASWY is becoming known for its high-end design, quality materials and pushing the limits of technology. It now sells five premium models of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Levitating Speakers across the EU, US, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Further expansion is planned into fashion and bicycles. Visit

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