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A wide range of motherboards to run the shiny new 10th gen processors from Intel

30th of April 2020, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today announces the all new 400 series motherboards range that run the latest 10th generation processors from Intel.

The BIOSTAR’s flagship motherboard range, the RACING Z490 series has 3 new models introduced to the market, the RACING Z490GTA EVO, RACING Z490GTA and the RACING Z490GTN.

BIOSTAR 400 Series Motherboards 10th Generation 1BIOSTAR 400 Series Motherboards 10th Generation1.1The RACING Series is BIOSTAR’s top of the line premium flagship motherboards in the 400 series family with its sleek, sporty design and high-end build quality equipped with some of the latest tech.


The RACING Z490GTA EVO and RACING Z490GTA are ATX motherboards, built on the Intel Z490 platform to support the latest 10th Gen processors. With its unique RACING design language and glorious RGB light effects, these two motherboards are ready to fit any modern PC build with style and grace only a BIOSTAR motherboard can have. The RACING Z490GTA EVO and RACING Z490GTA motherboards come with some of the most anticipated upgrades such as the capability to run up to 128GB of RAM and PCIe M.2 (32Gb/s) with support for Intel® Optane™ memory and the RACING Z490GTA EVO motherboard features an industry first 16-phase PWM design capable of delivering extremely efficient hardware power regulation and ensures longer component lifespan.

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The Z490 series also has the new RACING Z490GTN, the mini ITX sibling of the RACING Z490GTA EVO and the RACING Z490GTA motherboards, also equipped with some of the latest and greatest features packed into a small sleek form factor, it is undoubtedly a great choice for consumers looking for a build with a smaller footprint but still retain the highest performance and reliability.

Additionally, the Z490 series comes with a new BIOS interface with an EZ mode to make on the fly adjustments to the system painless and intuitive and has the capability to overclock the memory modules up-to 4400+ of boost clock speeds.

BIOSTAR 400 Series Motherboards 10th Generation 3 jpgBIOSTAR 400 Series Motherboards 10th Generation 3.2


BIOSTAR also has the B460 series motherboard range which includes the RACING B460GTA and the RACING B460GTQ, for consumers looking for a great mid-range, reliable motherboard. BIOSTAR’s B460 series is a great choice with exceptional build quality and premium features for gamers and content creators looking to upgrade their systems with the latest tech specs.

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BIOSTAR 400 Series Motherboards 10th Generation 4.2

H410MHG and H410MH

The BIOSTAR H410 series comes with two new models the H410MHG and the H410MH motherboard designed towards the office and the business side of the user base with functions and features designed towards work efficiency, high reliability and data security. The H410MHG and the H410MH are two of the best bangs for buck motherboards you can pick up in 2020 and come with the promise of exceptional performance and high level reliability.

All new BIOSTAR Intel 400 Series motherboards will be available for Pre-Order from 6th on MAY 2020, using the official pre-sale page. The first set of customers to Pre-Order the new Intel 400 series motherboards will get a chance to win amazing prices curtesy BIOSTAR. This promotion is available globally and further details will be posted soon on BIOSTAR social media channels. It is also worth mentioning that all new product purchases can be registered at the new BIOSTAR customer VIP CARE webpage to enjoy and to keep track of the product warranty and care services.

In conclusion, BIOSTAR has developed some of the best looking, highly reliable motherboards for the new 10th generation processor ranges from Intel. With amazing new features like the new highly reliable 16-phase PWM design capable of delivering power safely and efficiently across all hardware and the new BIOS interface that any new user can easily understand. BIOSTAR has kept up with their high-quality product standards through and through, either it’s gaming, content creation or for business use these motherboards are built to last and will serve their owners faithfully.

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