BIOSTAR’s popularity with its price performance line of crypto mining and RACING gaming motherboards for Intel and AMD platforms have the communities taking notice; now the BIOSTAR RACING boards are gaining popularity from the modding community. Featured here are projects from a couple of top Thai modders, the ‘BR7 [THE WINNER]’ that is themed around the BIOSTAR RACING X370GT7 and BIO RACING that went with the BIOSTAR RACING Z270GT9; both mods making good use of the VIVID LED DJ, VIVID LED Armor and 5050 LED Fun Zone for RGB lighting effects. For a more sci-fi look, the BIOSTAR RACING X370GTN joins forces with the superhero from Marvel Comic in ‘I am Groot’ from one of the top modding teams in Germany.

Winner of ‘The Modder Season II’ Inspired by BIOSTAR RACING X370GT7, Thailand

Thailand boasts one of the most active mod communiities, which makes the project from the  The Modder Season II winner, Nirut Wanta, a must-watch 4 part video series, documented by CompleteTV: The ‘BR7 [THE WINNER]’ is based entirely around the BIOSTAR RACING X370GT7 design and built out of metal including the tiled checkered flag which holds the BIOSTAR RACING X370GT7 at the heart of the mod. The VIVID LED DJ helps control and sync the lighting, while the 5050 LED Fun Zone allow the Thermaltake RGB fans, DIY liquid cooling pump and Team Group RGB T-FORCE memory to be controlled by the two 5050 headers directly.

‘I am Groot’ with BIOSTAR RACING X370GTN, Germany

Another promising project that could take the crown at this year’s DCMM during Gamescom 2017. This mod showcases the BIOSTAR RACING X370GTN’s mini-ITX form factor and premium style is a great complement to the ‘I am Groot’ mod from the legendary German team at They have choosen a theme based on the popular Marvel Comics superhero Groot, that leverages the current trend of 3D printing. The intricate detailing done to make the character come to life makes crafty use of paint brushing, along with power and hand tools is a great showcase of new and old technics. Be sure to check back on the worklog


Chaipoj Khaowasut, winner from ‘The Modder Season 1’ wasted no time to showcase, what is surprising few racing mods around, with the BIOSTAR RACING Z270GT9 along with Thermaltake DIY liquid cooling and open chassis.  The VIVID LED DJ made the lighting sync of the board and the components easy and the VIVID LED Armor, which helps protect the  I/O interfaces and audio electronic components, gave him the piece of mind that there would be no limitations to what he could do to his masterpiece. Check out the multi-part series from CompleteTV:

With BIOSTAR’s premium design and easy to use VIVID LED DJ and 5050 LED Fun Zone for lighting control and LED effects, expect to see more top modders from around the world to be using the BIOSTAR motherboards. We will be sharing more of their progress in the coming months, stay tuned!

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