Expand your BIOSTAR motherboard with Crypto Mining Card for Graphics Card Expansion
May 12th, 2017 Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is proud to introduce the first ever Crypto Mining Card for graphics card expansion to fully convert your gaming PC to a professional cryptocurrency mining rig that can handle up to 8 graphics cards (the motherboard requires 6 PCI-e slots). The new BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card allows BIOSTAR’s hot selling gaming motherboards, like RACING H170GT3, GAMING H170T, Hi-Fi H170S3H, Hi-Fi B150S1, Hi-Fi B150S1 D4, or TB150 PRO to be used for crypto mining applications and expand on its primary function as an entertainment, workstation or gaming machine. This makes it easy to explore the growing market of cryptocurrency mining and avail of your existing gaming system. By extending support for 8 graphics cards to the max (the motherboard requires 6 PCI-e slots), the Crypto Mining Card can return your investment on your system by giving you the flexibility to create a mining rig to generate income from mining popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Zcash.


The BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card is designed for BISOTAR gaming motherboards, such as the models mentioned above and more, turning into a crypto mining base. To increase the mining profitability, this Crypto Mining Card can let mining enthusiasts set up their mining machine up to 8 slots to utilize more GPUs for more mining power.

The BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card is exclusively compatible with select BIOSTAR motherboards. Please see list for the specific motherboards: RACING H170GT3, GAMING H170T, Hi-Fi H170S3H, Hi-Fi B150S1, Hi-Fi B150S1 D4, or TB150 PRO.


* BIOSTAR RACING H170GT3 with 4 PCI-e slots can be loaded up to 7 graphics cards by Crypto Mining Card.
The BIOSTAR Crypto Mining Card connects to the existing PCI-e x1 slots on supported motherboards and can connect to PCI-e risers for much more graphics card slots. This solution is perfect for people who want to have the flexibility of a gaming PC that can transition to a mining rig after or during its primary function. BIOSTAR allows its gaming and other series motherboards to utilize this expandability to create a new breed of motherboards for both entertainment and crypto mining.

Mining Hardware Guide
There’s a lot to consider before getting started in setting up your crypto mining machine. We highly recommend starting with AMD graphics card like the BIOSTAR RX 470 graphics card.  After which, other components are chosen and the necessary parts are ready including PCI-e riser cards and if you’ll be using around six graphics cards, we highly recommend one 80 PLUS Platinum certified 1200W power supply. The BIOSTAR motherboard for crypto mining series features dedicated two AUX power connectors for reinforced VGA power delivery for superior system stability and enhance GPU performance.

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