Looking to become a Twitch streamer in 2019? It takes a lot more than just being a good gamer!

If you head to the videos and live streams of Twitch and YouTube’s most popular channels, you’ll notice just how well they’re produced. Okay, it’s not quite Hollywood quality or anything like that, but HD video with clear audio is a necessity if you even want to have a chance of getting near the top.

Most Twitch streamer guides focus on how to build your persona or character, but what about the technological bare necessities? With Christmas on everyone’s lips, we here at Play3r thought now would be the perfect time to build the ultimate Twitch stream tools list so you can have something useful from Santa this year!


There are three integral areas which you need to get right – and we’ll start with visual. It’s highly likely that you’ll be using some kind of gaming PC to deliver no-lag entertainment across the internet – so you’re probably going to need to invest in a webcam to capture your priceless reactions.

Even if your monitor does come equipped with a camera, it needs to be of top quality in order for you to make a mark. Those old “recorded using a potato” YouTube jokes aren’t as prevalent today as they used to be – but you don’t want any excuse for them to appear on your chats.

Luckly, there’s been an explosion of HD webcams – boosting choice while reducing price – which is perfect for the budding Twitch streamer.

Have a look through Amazon UK’s Webcams Store to pick one up this Christmas.

Laptop Streamer


Next up we focus on the audio. Of course, you’ll want to include the game’s sound effects in the background to create a better atmosphere – but ALL successful Twitch streamers engage with their audience directly as well.

As such, you’ll need it to be of good quality – limiting any feedback and/or poor sound. Remember, you’re already entering a particularly competitive environment, so if you put yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage to begin with then it’s very unlikely you’ll get far in the business.

Our audio reviews page is good place to get some ideas.


However, the classic Twitch streaming setup is to combine the microphone with headphones for a full headset experience. Rather than using speakers which will conflict with your microphone, there are numerous headsets available that have a number of perks. Surround sound quality, wireless, and intuitive gaming designs are all aspects you can think about when you’re shopping around.

As there are many headsets available, it can take a while to trawl through all the options to find what you want. To make things easier, you can check out this quality round-up of the best headsets for streaming which includes in-depth reviews of different products. There are a range of choices to fit every budget, and each one has their live Amazon price tag attached to ensure that there are no sneaky surprises if you go to buy.


Additions Once Your Channel is Racking up the Views!

When all of these, plus a gaming machine companion, are in place then you’re pretty much good to go. The initial months should be spent trying to build your profile and awareness, and if you manage to do so then a few other sweet Twitch streaming accessories can be purchased. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Light-blocking glasses to reduce eye strain
  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Special gaming gloves for aches and pains
  • Back and neck massager – for those long sessions!
  • A few other quirky gifts

For now, though, you can focus on getting the essentials in place as part of your Christmas gift list – and get ready to take Twitch by storm in 2019!

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  1. I knew about the chair and glasses but I had never heard of the special gaming gloves! Very useful post indeed! Would have been nice to have more links to those accessories.

  2. EVERYONE has to have a headset – literally no point in buying two different pieces of kit when the all-in-one is the best anyway.

    You obviously need a good screen/audio recorder to capture your gaming as well – personally I use OBS but it varies per Twitch streamer tbh.

    Good luck!

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