colorful igame vulcan DDR4 modules with a chunky anodised aluminium heatspreader, plastic RGB LED light bar along the top, and white PCB

COLORFUL have launched their new iGame Vulcan DDR4, a series of high-performance DDR4 based on the legendary Samsung B-die. Not only do these kits feature high speeds, but they also have bold looks that some are sure to love. The PCB is white, the large heatspreader is white and silver, plus there’s RGB.

Meet the COLORFUL iGame Vulcan DDR4

If there’s one accusation I’d level at the RGB industry, it’s that it’s making hardware boring. Rather than all kinds of crazy colours, modern hardware is typically shades of grey and black. The purpose, of course, is to be neutral – without colour you won’t clash with whatever LED setting the user chooses. This is all very well, but come on – you can be colourful without relying on RGB LEDs. This brings us, of course, to COLORFUL.

COLORFUL have a history of more interesting designs. I reviewed their CVN Guardian DDR4 not long ago and while I was critical of the value and performance of a single-channel kit, I loved the looks. The general quality was also top tier. The COLORFUL iGame Vulcan DDR4 (part of their Vulcan range) doubles down on looks. Not only is there a large, white heatspreader with silver highlights, but the entire PCB is white. DDR4 with a white PCB has been hard to find since Crucial and Geil discontinued theirs, so those wanting something different in their build will no doubt be pleased.

On top of striking looks, these new kits also feature impressive specs. COLORFUL are using the legendary Samsung B-die ICs, and pushing them to high speeds – 3600 cl16 and 4266 cl18. These are consistent with what tends to run well on modern AMD and Intel platforms respectively.

COLORFUL iGame Vulcan DDR4 Specs and Timings

Model DDR4-3600 DDR4-4266
Total Capacity 16GB 16GB
Kit Configuration 2x8GB 2x8GB
Frequency DDR4-3600 DDR4-4266
Timings 16-16-16-36 18-19-19-39
Voltage 1.35V 1.4V
MSRP (US$) $169 $199

Pricing and Availability

COLORFUL have specified an MSRP for their iGame Vulcan DDR4 of $169 for a 2x8GB DDR4-3600 kit, and $199 for 2x8GB DDR4-4266.  Availability is due from resellers, as well as directly through COLORFUL’s aliexpress store. Currently only the DDR4-4266 kit is listed, at $220.

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