Cooler Master, a leader in PC cooling solutions, will announce a concept version of the legendary Hyper 212, a new transparent all-in-one liquid cooler, and our first thermal electric all-in-one liquid cooler. The new thermal electric liquid cooler is the next stage in cooling. Never worry about overheating an overclocked system with the new thermal electric water cooler. Cooler Master is committed to creating the next great liquid or air coolers.

The Legend Returns with a concept version of the Hyper 212

Legends never die. Cooler Master will unveil a concept version of the Hyper 212 air cooler at Computex. The concept Hyper 212 has an extended fin size. The fin size is 25 percent more than the Hyper 212 EVO. The concept Hyper 212 has five heatpipes instead of four. Making the new concept more effective at heat dissipation than previous Hyper 212s. No more worrying if this will have enough RAM clearance. The new concept will fit any RAM configuration. New to this air cooler is a unique RGB Cooler Master logo that will sync with Cooler Master RGB Fans. We invite Computex attendees to provide valuable feedback on this new concept cooler and working together to create the next legendary air cooler.

All New All-In-One Transparent Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master is unveiling a transparent all-in-one liquid cooler. The new design increases performance and allows users to see the pump working. The Addressable RGB pump illuminates the circular pump and provides never seen before lighting effects from an AIO pump. The liquid cooler also has two MasterFan 120mm Addressable RGB fans. Choose the perfect lighting for the Cooler Master liquid cooler with the ARGB controller. Users can customize the individual LEDs with the release of the LightingControl software.

Cooler Master’s First Thermal Electric All-In-One Liquid Cooler

At Computex, Cooler Master will unveil their first thermal electric all-in-one liquid cooler. Powered by innovation, the thermal electric cooler cools your PC components with power, converting ambient liquid into icy cold water to cool down the CPU. The pump is made from aluminium and has Addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting. Users will be able to customize the individual LEDs using the LightingControl software. The thermal electric cooler is the ideal solutions for those that want to overclock their system.

Watercooling with ARGB radiator

For the most extreme RGB fans out there, we thought the recently MasterLiquid R series with ARGB fans & pump might still not cut it. So in addition to these LEDs, the MasterLiquid RS series will come with an ARGB radiator too. Other improvements include an aluminium pump housing as well as an integrated thermal sensor that can be set to take control of the LEDs.

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