Dremel Tools Up For Its First Maker Day - Berlin and Online Today

Looking for inspiration for your next project? Dremel has got you covered! Bringing together makers and enthusiasts from all over Europe; precision tool manufacturer Dremel will be hosting its very first Maker Day. Held in Berlin, on 1st October 2016 – with the entire event being streamed live online at www.dremelmakerday.net and updates made available through Dremel’s Facebook page.

Ideal for anyone who loves creating one-off pieces out of wood, plaster, old pipework and beyond. Viewers will find makers showcasing their talents and tackling a host of projects live at the event, as well as giving their top tips on how to recreate similar master pieces at home.

Representing the UK’s makers will be Dave Sullivan, Dremel fan and prop maker on a multitude of Hollywood films, including the likes of Harry Potter and Star Wars. Dave also hosts the HandmadeProps YouTube channel where he showcases the steps to create amazing and iconic items including Rey’s Staff (from the latest Star Wars movie) and your very own Harry Potter wand, all starting with parts made using a Dremel 3D Idea Builder. With such experience creating unique items, Dave is looking forward to bringing new maker hints and tips back to the UK.

For a sneak preview of just some of the makers who will also be taking part – Elektra Pasti from Greece, Tuomas Soikkeli from Finland, Fabrizio Bellanca from Italy and Rene Bohne from Germany – and to find out more about the day, visit the Maker day website www.dremelmakerday.net.

Streaming will be live from 9.55am (GMT). Visit www.dremelmakerday.net to tune in or visit www.facebook.com/Dremel to get involved.

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