ENERMAX Launches the D.F. VEGAS Series Fans Featuring DFR™ Technology 7

ENERMAX have announced an extension of the D.F. product series by adding two 120mm LED fans: D.F. VEGAS and D.F. VEGAS DUO. Both LED fans come with the latest Dust Free Rotation™ (DFR™) technology. The D.F. VEGAS is a single blue color LED fan while the D.F. VEGAS DUO comes with 2-color LED ring (red and green).

Dust free rotation

Dust Free Rotation™ technology
After starting the PC, the patented DFR™ technology lets the fan spin in reverse allowing the cleaning of the fan blades from dust.
Cleaner and better cooled components grant a longer lifetime and a better operation of the products.

Enermax circular LED

Patented Circular-type LED for stunning Lighting Effects
D.F. Vegas comes with patented circular LED ring (CLL™) including 12 blue LED diodes to create stunning lighting effects and match every taste.
D.F. Vegas Duo is also featured with patented CLL™ technology, but the Duo-LED ring includes 24 LED diodes (12x red and 12x green).

Enermax LED functionsEnermax Vegas LED

Both fan models come with manually switchable LED modes and memory function that allows the user to keep using the favourite lighting mode when the PC is restarted.

Enermax adjustable speed design

Patented Adjustable Peak Speed (APS) Design
D.F. VEGAS and D.F. VEGAS DUO are also built with ENERMAX’s patented APS design, which enables users to choose the fan’s RPM range according to the system configuration and needs.

Within the selected RPM range, the fans are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM). This intelligent design will be able to reach the balance between cooling performance and silent operation.

Enermax Twister Bearing Design

Patented Twister Bearing™ technology

The bearing shaft is fixed to the rotor. When you turn the fan on, a small magnet inside the bearing holds the shaft in position. The convex surface of the base reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a quiet and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material and prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion.

That way, Enermax guarantees an exceptionally long lifetime of 160,000 hours (MTBF).

Availability & Product Information
Both fan models will be available for sale in October. For more information on D.F. VEGAS and D.F. VEGAS DUO, please visit ENERMAX website or watch the product video.

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