Enermax ETS-T50 AXE Feature

Hamburg – 5th May 2017. Facelift for ETS-T50 AXE CPU cooler series – ENERMAX’s most powerful CPU air cooler series has been extended by one new model. In addition to the already well established LED version of the ETS-T50 AXE, a high performance, non-LED version (ETS-T50A-DFP) with 12cm D.F. Pressure is now available.

With this new model ENERMAX reacts to the high market demand form end users that asked for a version with a high performance fan. Now, ENERMAX combines it’s most powerful 12cm DFR™ fan with the solid black TCC coated heat sink to reach outrageously powerful cooling performance for gaming set-ups. The new CPU cooler also comes with AMD AM4 socket compatibility out of the box.
The ETS-T50A-DFP is equipped with a 12cm Enermax D.F. Pressure fan designed for the use on CPU coolers.
The fan has 9 fan blades with special High Pressure Blade Design to create extreme high static pressure. The integrated APS function allows you to choose from three RPM ranges:Ultra-Silent Mode 800 – 1.000 RPM
Silent Mode 800 – 1,500 RPM
Performance Mode 800 – 2.000 RPM.

As the new high-performance CPU air cooler, ETS-T50 AXE is equipped with Heatpipe Direct Touch-technology and patented Vortex Generator Flow Design to ensure superior cooling performance.

PDF-Design (Pressure Differential Flow) increases the airflow through the heat sink up to +15% and thanks to Twister Bearing™ technology the fan operates smooth and silent at all time.>> Download product pictures ETS-T50A-DFP

Price and Availability

The new model of the ETS-T50 AXE series is out now.
MSRP ETS-T50A-DFP: 54,90 Euro incl. VAT

For further information about ETS-T50A-DFP, please visit the product website or watch the product video.

Little Blizzard

The Enermax ETS-N31 is a tower cooler with 92mm fan, designed to cool compact PC systems. The cooler has a low profile of only 125mm and comes with a tool less top mounted installation system.


Down to the minutest details!
The 3x Ø6mm heat pipes with Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) and the air stream optimizations Vortex Generator Flow (VGF, patented) and Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) work together to reach a cooling performance of 130W TDP. The asymmetric heatpipe design provides the best compatibility with high RAM modules.

ETS-N31 supports all latest Intel® and AMD® sockets including AMD AM4.
ETS-N31 is out now. MSRP ETS-N31-02: 54,90 Euro incl. VAT

For further information about ETS-N31-02, please visit the product website or watch the product video.


Launch of ENERMAX AirGuide

The patented ENERMAX AirGuide (already known as a technology of the ETS-T50 AXE series) is now also separately available as a retail version. ENERMAX launches two models of AirGuide: a black/black version and a black/red version.
The inner grill of the AirGuide is 360° rotatable. This allows the user to direct the airflow in the right direction. The AirGuide can be installed on all CPU heatsinks with additional 12cm fan slots or directly behind the case fans to control and optimize the airflow inside the case.

The AirGuide is now available in a convenient double-pack.
MSRP EAG001-R: 14,90 Euro incl. VAT
MSRP EAG001-B: 14,90 Euro incl. VAT

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