Introducing the Thermalright AXP-100H Muscle and the Narrow ILM Mounting Kit 3

With the AXP-100H Muscle, Thermalright offers a slightly modified version of the existing HTPC “Value” cooler, which is aimed primarily at price-sensitive fans of compact coolers.

The AXP-100H Muscle has been heightened a little bit in order to ensure compatibility, for example on the Asus “Republic of Gamers” Maximus VIII Impact motherboard, with its higher VRM-coolers.

axp 100h muscle
Due to the higher distance between base and heat sink, the cooler is only 7 mm higher than its predecessor. Still, the AXP-100H “Muscle” is just 51 mm high (or 65 mm with the fan included). The most striking feature of this powerful cooler thus remains the particularly low profile. As such– due to the higher distance between base and heat sink. The compact cooler is predestined for HTPC systems or minimalistic work computers.

The design of the cooler is based on the proven “Downdraft” layout, which vertically deflects the airflow to the motherboard and thus also provides efficient cooling for the surrounding components. Six 6 mm heatpipes in combination with the special design of the 40 aluminum fins allow for a very good cooling performance for a cooler of its size.

Also available in the accessory category is the Narrow ILM mounting kit. It can be used with almost all our coolers – with the exception of the Macho Direct and the True Spirit 140 Direct. The ILM kit is compatible with narrow ILM Intel LGA 2011/2011-3 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM2/FM2+ motherboards.

ilm narrow kitBoth the AXP-100H Muscle and the Narrow ILM kit are now available in stores. The MSRP for the AXP-100H Muscle is 39.99 Euro, the Narrow ILM kit has a MSRP of 4.99 Euro. All prices including 19% VAT.

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