King Launch new Farm Heroes Saga Live Event ‘Rancid’s Revenge’

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For a limited time only, King is offering a new live in-game event to its players in one of its most popular games: Farm Heroes Saga[].

Launching this Thursday 15th June and named ‘Rancid’s Revenge’, the live event will feature a series of new levels, and will set a timed challenge for players where they’ll seek to capture tiles from the game’s main villain, Rancid the Raccoon.

Each level will offer a new type of gameplay experience as players battle against Rancid to prevent him from capturing the board and covering it in purple goo. There’ll be lots to play for as players will receive a special prize for completing the five-level challenge.

Players must keep their wits about them and play to the best of their ability to overcome Rancid, protect the game’s beautiful farm lands from urbanisation and stop him from driving away the ‘Cropsies’ and animals.

The live op will be available over three days, from June 15th at 10am CET until June 18th at 10am CET, on mobile only across Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore.

To give players a boost and increase their chances of defeating Rancid, King has also released some special tips and tricks:

  • Where possible, try to match over Rancid’s tiles instead of a neutral one to stop him getting the points; that’s twice the benefit…
  • If you see a Robo Rancid, match next to it as soon as possible before the board gets out of control…
  • Try to control as much territory as possible at the end of each turn for maximum effect! Match 4’s are very useful here…
  • Having the most territory at the end of the match gives you a big points bonus, this can often make all the difference…
  • Avoid matching on tiles that you already control as it doesn’t give you anything extra…

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