Lian-Li PC-O11D Disto-Plate G1 Feature

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Lian-Li PC-O11D Disto-Plate G1

Extreme water-cooling made easy with the new Lian-Li O11D Distro-Plate G1.

Lian-Li are proud to announce the latest addition to their range, the O11D Distro-Plate G1, Designed in partnership with EK it functions as an acrylic distribution plate, reservoir and even features an integrated DDC 3.1 PWM pump.

The O11D Distro-plate G1 offers a great foundation for users to plan their water-loop, providing short and efficient routes for hard-piping as well as reducing the over-all length of tubing needed for a clean finish. It’s 11 x G 1/4″ ports can support 1 x CPU water-block, 2 x GPU water-blocks and 2 x 360mm radiators all inside the award winning Lian-Li PC-O11D case.

As well as a functional distribution plate, the O11D Distro-Plate G1 also comes with a fully customisable RGB display, perfect for adding an enthusiast grade finish to your water-cooling loop.

Available for pre-order at Overclockers UK from £159.95

Lian-Li O11D Distro-Plate G1 at a Glance: 

  • Designed exclusively for the Lian-Li PC-O11D and O11D-XL in partnership with EK Water Blocks
  • Transparent acrylic pass-through plate with quality EK seals
  • Integrated DDC 3.1 pump with 4-PIN PWN connection
  • 11 x  G 1/4″ ports able to support CPU and dual GPU configuration
  • Integrated and digitally addressable RGB lighting display
  • Compatible with cases that support 360mm radiators, dependant on layout and clearance.

Sleek, stylish and tailor made for the PC-O11D
The O11D Distro-Plate G1 is tailored to fit straight into the PC-O11D range straight out of the box, doubling up not only as a distribution plate but as a reservoir with integrated DDC 3.1 pump too. The PWM pump is connected via 4-pin, with a maximum pressure head of 2.6 meters and throughput of 500L per hour.

Featuring 11 x G 1/4″ ports the Lian-Li Distro-Plate allow a maximum configuration of 2 x 360mm radiators, 1 x CPU water-block and 2 x GPU water-blocks to be connected. The remaining G 1/4″ port can used as fill-port, allowing easy coolant refills.

Although purpose built for the Lian-Li PC-O11D range, the distro plate is compatible with all cases that offer space for a 360 mm radiator next to the motherboard tray although we recommend you carefully double-check the specifications with the manufacturer beforehand.

Quality Acrylic Construction with Integrated RGB lighting

The O11D Distro-Plate G1 is made entirely from transparent acrylic glass and affords users an unobstructed view of the liquid coolant flowing through it, with premium quality seals and O-rings on the G 1/4″ ports helping to maintain pressure.

The O11D Distro-Plate comes with the integrated RGB lighting including a total of 18 digitally addressable LEDs. The strip can be connected via a 3-pin connector to modern 5VDG interfaces. The fully addressable lighting can be controlled either via ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion or MSI Mystic Light Sync.

Available for pre-order at Overclockers UK from £159.95

Lian-Li O11D DIstro-Plate G1 Technical Details: 

  • Dimensions without pump (W x H x D): 131 x 345 x 29 mm
    Dimensions with pump (W x H x D): 131 x 345 x 121 mm
  • Material: Acrylic glass, plastic, aluminium oxide, graphite (pump), PPS-GF30 and EPDM (seals)
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Mounting holes: 50 x 50 mm, M4
  • Ports: 11x G1/4-Ports
  • Compatibility:
    max. 2x 120/240/360 mm radiators with 60 mm depth
    max. 1x CPU cooler
    max. 2x GPU cooler
  • Pump:
    Type: DDC 3.1 PWM
    Voltage: 12 V
    Power consumption: 6 W
    RPM: 720 to 3600 RPM ± 10 %
    Pressure head: 2.6 m
    Throughput: 500 L/h
    Liquid temperature: 10° to 60° C
    Connection: 4-Pin PWM
    Cable length: 50 cm
  • RGB-LED strip:
    Number of LEDs: 18
    Voltage: 5 V
    Current: 0,3 A
    Connection: 3-Pin 5VDG
    Compatibility: ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync
  • Compatibility:
    Lian Li O11 Air
    Lian Li O11D Dynamic
    Lian Li PC-O11D Razer Edition
    Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (ROG Certified)


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