Phanteks EVOLV SHIFT Feature

Case Design EVOLV’d

Introducing the EVOLV SHIFT and the SHIFT-X. Meticulously crafted and forged from premium materials, the SHIFT series is designed to stand tall against the crowd. Every aspect of the design has been innovated to provide clean aesthetics, smart versatile configuration options and 360 degree accessibility.


Crafted from anodised aluminium, powder coated steel and tempered glass the EVOLV SHIFT is a elegant combination of style and design. Having a slightly smaller footprint than the SHIFT-X and designed to accommodate dual 120mm AIO radiators the SHIFT is perfect for those looking for a quiet, small form factor case that is big on features and innovation. The case is uniquely designed for 2 way orientation and features 360 degree accessibility allowing for easy installation, upgrades and maintenance. The EVOLV SHIFT also features integrated RGB illumination which allows for synchronisation with other Phanteks products, MSI Mystic Light Sync, Gigabyte RGB fusion and ASUS Aura sync.


The EVOLV SHIFT-X is the slightly larger of the 2 meticulously engineered cases which affords further customisation and storage while only being 180mm taller. In addition to all of the features of the SHIFT – The SHIFT-X builds on the design and can accommodate a full watercooling solution which allows for greater cooling and performance. Thanks to the additional dimensions The SHIFT-X can also take a standard ATX PSU and has twice the storage potential despite the small footprint of the case.

The Phanteks SHIFT and SHIFT-X will be available from OVERCLOCKERS UK on the 25th July 2017

Priced from £104.99 and £144.95 respectively




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