Designed for use with Nvidia’s latest 10 Series GeForce GTX graphics cards, the first within Phanteks latest line up are the G1080 water blocks – compatible with GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 GPUs. Ensuring the blocks are highly compatible with a variety of add-in board partner products, Phanteks has designed a total of 5 cooling blocks. Visually identical and composed of the same materials and build quality, the G1080 is compatible with MSI, ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and Nvidia Founders Edition graphics cards. Crafted from automotive and aerospace grade materials, the blocks consist of an anodised, chrome plated aluminium plate, with a polished acrylic surface in a nickel finish.

MSI Phantek wc blockEnsuring compatibility with the original backplates of the standard graphics cards, the blocks will be available in colour configurations of Satin Black and Mirror Chrome. Keeping up with the current trend of disco aesthetics and “RGB Everything!” – Epilepsy be damned, as Phanteks has provided full support for their own RGB-equipped chassis, as well as third-party solutions such as MSI Mystic Light Sync and Asus Aura Sync. Phanteks makes this possible through industry standards, including a 4-Pin RGB adapter for full control and synchronisation. Not skimping out form over function, the premium high-quality engineering that’s been applied to these full-cover water blocks is said to deliver a high-tier of performance and improvements, that meets the needs of water cooling enthusiasts.

EVGA Phantek wc blockConstructed from a thick copper base for higher levels of heat transfer and reduced flow resistance, the blocks also make use of a Viton O-Ring, which allows for enhanced durability against the wear and tear that can arise from installation, as well an improved rubber sealing for aggressive fluids and extreme temperatures. Ensuring efficiency and the best possible performance, Phanteks includes its PH-NDC Nano Diamond Thermal Compound. Given the level of RGB integration, the supreme coating of polished acrylic and the level of performance that the Glacier1080 is set to deliver – the term Lights, Camera, Action! Feel almost too good to pass up.

Crafted from a unibody copper base, fine-tuned at 0.4MM wide and 5MM high, the Glacier C350i features an integrated construction of cooling fins in order to provide improved conductivity. Phanteks states that this also adds to the overall improvement of heat dissipation during extreme sessions of overclocking. Supported in full for RGB configurations, a 4-Pin RGB adapter is also included for MSI Mystic Light Sync and Asus Aura Sync. Taking note of UV coolants and the ever growing trend of RGB customization, it would appear that Phanteks seeks to provide a far more efficient solution with cross-compatibility – allowing easier management of lighting preferences. Compatible with Intel LGA 2011-3 and LGA 115X CPUs, those on the latest Kabylake platform will benefit greatly thanks to the extremely fast clock speeds offered by the architecture. Providing an assortment of fittings of both the hard tubing and soft tubing variety, Phanteks has applied the same automotive and aerospace grade materials of solid brass and chrome plated

CPU phantek wc block

Providing an assortment of fittings of both the hard tubing and soft tubing variety, Phanteks has applied the same automotive and aerospace grade materials of solid brass and chrome plated anodised aluminium, in order to ensure premium quality and high performance. Following the same visual traits of both the Glacier G1080 and the C350i, the fittings also contain Viton O-Rings, available in Satin Black or Mirror Chrome colour configurations. Consisting of 13/10MM and 16/10MM G1/4 soft tubing options, along with 12MM and 16MM G1/4 varieties for hard tubing, Phanteks will also be providing a vast selection of hard tube rotary and universal fittings, as well as adapters and stop-fitters.

Phantek wc packagingAvailable on the 15th February, overclocking enthusiasts keen on gaining the maximum performance from their CPUs and GPUs along with a stylish aesthetic, will be able to purchase Phanteks’ latest watercooling equipment.

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