noblechairs Doom Chair

Today, noblechairs are excited to launch the official noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair –
DOOM® Edition! The ‘DOOM Edition’ will be available to purchase through many retailers worldwide. noblechairs recently announced their partnership with games publisher, Bethesda Softworks®, and have already released an officially licenced Fallout® Edition gaming chair.

The DOOM Edition by noblechairs has been designed to take distinctive elements from the game – making it a must have for enthusiasts and fans of the DOOM franchise.

Featuring an all-black base, blood red accents, and extraordinary design throughout. The chair features multiple rune markings, including the iconic glyph featured on the front of the chair, the mark of the DOOM Slayer.

On the headrest, the DOOM logo is stitched in two locations including black stitching on the front and white on the rear. The backrest features large pentagram markings with the  staple phrase “RIP AND TEAR”.

Check out the QuakeCon At Home online event today at to see the Fallout and DOOM Edition noblechairs. They will be visible across the world as the Bethesda Community Managers will be proudly using them live on stream.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable lumbar support for your lower back
  • Memory foam embedded into the headrest for improved comfort
  • Durable, easy-clean, water-resistant and breathable
  • Larger surface area for the seat- and backrest, optimised for long gaming sessions
  • Individually adjustable seat height
  • Supports a weight of up to 150Kg

noblechairs have won over 100+ product awards, have a strong amount of positive customer reviews and pride in providing a good range of comfortable gaming chairs with durability and ergonomics in mind, noblechairs is a German brand that is seen as one of the best in the market.

Watch out for more products as the partnership between noblechairs and Bethesda develops further.

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair – DOOM Edition is available to purchase from and other online retailers, the prices are EUR: 419,90€, GBP: £379.99, USD: $499.99.

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