Seraph: A skill-based, acrobatic shooter... without aiming!

 Released on PC 20th September 2016!

19th September 2016: From the team that brought you Ironcast comes Dreadbit’s next game, Seraph.

Seraph is a skill based, acrobatic shooter… without aiming! Take the role of an angel who’s mastered the art of dual wielding pistols as she battles her way through hordes of twisted demons. All shooting attacks are auto-aimed, allowing you to focus on evading, casting powerful Miracles, wall jumping, cartwheeling and looking awesome whilst doing it!

Seraph is 95% recommended on Steam!
Seraph previously launched on Steam under the banner of Early Access to an amazingly positive fan reaction. The game is finally ready for release on PC tomorrow, drop us a line back if you need a code.

Streamers and YouTubers; please tweet us @DreadbitGames so we can re-tweet and come watch!

Seraph features:

Automatic Aiming
Seraph chooses her own targets with a wide range of deadly firearms, allowing the player to focus on acrobatic evasion instead. Dodge enemy attacks with lightning fast reactions and look awesome while doing it!

Levels are procedurally generated and filled with random pick-ups, enemies and bosses. Craft new weapons, Miracles and protective items and unlock powerful passive Oaths before your next demonic encounter.

Dynamic difficulty scaling
The visible difficulty rating ensures the game is always challenging. The better you do, the harder the enemies (but the greater the rewards).

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