A terramaster D8-331 8-bay thunderbolt 3 DAS, front and back. The front has 8 bays, status LEDs and a power button. At the back are an IEC

February 22nd, 2021 Shenzhen, China – TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products including direct-attached storage (DAS) devices, introduces the upgraded D8 Thunderbolt 3 (D8-331) 8-bay professional-grade RAID storage. The new D8 Thunderbolt 3 model features an upgraded RAID controller that delivers faster data transmission by up to 30% over the previous model. The new model delivers speeds of up to 2100MB/s in RAID 0 using eight SSDs (old model 1600MB/s). The D8 Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage is designed for professional creators such as video editors, animators, photographers, and others. Now, creators can enjoy even faster data transmission speeds to get work done faster.

The TerraMaster D8-331 Thunderbolt 3 is ideal for small- and medium-sized enterprises in need of high-speed, large-capacity storage for content creation, perfect for creators working on applications like Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve, and others. The RAID storage also comes with two 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 ports that are fully compatible with the latest macOS Big Sur system version.

Professional-Grade RAID

The TerraMaster D8 Thunderbolt 3 professional-grade RAID storage leverages the benefits of RAID performance and protection. The upgraded RAID controller delivers high-performance data transmission. Hardware RAID protection of RAID 5 and RAID 6 protects the stored data from the impact of 1 or 2 disk failures, which effectively protects the data – a protective feature crucial for content creators working on video editing and rendering.

A terramaster D8-331 next to an imac, with the thunderbolt logo and text saying Thunderbolt 3.

Lightning-Fast Storage for Creators

The D8 Thunderbolt 3 comes with a pair of Thunderbolt 3 40Gb/s connectors that delivers lightning-fast speeds, delivering 2100 MB/s in RAID 0 array mode with 8 SSDs. Under RAID 5, this RAID storage can achieve a speed of up to 1800 MB/s using SSDs, the old model only achieves up to 1100 MB/s. The new D8-331 model delivers faster data transmission to enable creators to access, share, and work on data even faster.

Large-Capacity Storage

For demanding creators in need of large-capacity storage, the D8 Thunderbolt3’s 8-bay storage offers a total storage capacity of up to 144TB (8x18TB HDDs). Also, users can daisy-chain with other storage devices via Thunderbolt 3. Linking together six D8 Thunderbolt 3 can create an enormous 800TB storage. Aside from 3.5-inch HDDs, the D8 Thunderbolt 3 also supports 2.5-inch SSDs which come with faster data transmission speeds.

Safe and Portable

The TerraMaster D8 Thunderbolt3 is portable and portable, built to withstand long operations. It is built with a heat-dissipating aluminum casing with two 90mm temperature-controlled smart fans, keeping it cool and stable at all times. The fans also come with three fan modes: Off which shuts off the fan for silent operation, Auto for temperature-based cooling performance, and Fast for maximum cooling.The sturdy aluminum chassis with double handles makes it easy to move the D8 Thunderbolt 3 to meet the needs of the studio and fieldwork.

For Professional Workspaces

The TerraMaster D8 Thunderbolt3 enables smart workspaces using the Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort 1.4 interfaces. It can support multi-displays of up to three monitors or daily-chain up to six Thunderbolt 3-enabled devices to create a smart workspace and maximize productivity.

Pricing and Availability

The upgraded TerraMaster D8 Thunderbolt 3 (D8-331) 8-bay professional RAID storage is now available for US$1599.99 (£1399.99 in the UK) at TerraMaster and at partner resellers worldwide including Amazon US and Amazon UK.

For more information, please visit https://www.terra-master.com/global/products/video-professional-das/d8-thunderbolt-3.html

About TerraMaster

TerraMaster is a professional brand the focuses on providing innovative storage products, including network attached storage and direct attached storage that has become increasingly popular in over 40 countries and regions. The brand has been developing storage technology for 8 years, addressing the needs of customers such as small and medium businesses and home users.

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