BitFenix Portal

Taking on similar traits from prior SFF cases, BitFenix’s latest chassis adopts an inverted layout within a Mini-ITX form-factor in order to accommodate larger sized hardware. Evident within its approach to storage drives, the Portal supports up to two 3.5” hard drives and a single 2.5” drive, located to front of chassis through the means of a traditional storage drive cage. This sits facing the SFX power supply which is a requirement due to the size of the case. This allows for simple management of cables, with additional clearance behind the motherboard tray.

Ensuring ease-of-use, the entire chassis is tool-free. Allowing for full-length graphics cards, the chassis requires a M-ITX motherboard and a SFF power supply. Ventilated throughout the entire structure, performance will never be compromised, with an optional window on the roof should owners wish to display their high-performance hardware. Located to the front of the chassis, users are provided with room for a single 120mm radiator or fan. This proves ideal for all-in-one water coolers, with those intending to install custom-built cooling being provided with enough space for reservoirs or pumps at the rear of the chassis.

Throughout the inverted layout and easy installation process of watercooling equipment, the Portal certainly has potential for some amazing builds and striking lighting effects thanks to its window. Where the Portal looks to be the most impressive and will no doubt prove to be its most attractive feature resides in the exterior structure and how it provides easier installation of its components. Built from a dual-chamber design, all components are installed within an internal frame, which is then placed into an exterior shell.

Functioning on ball bearing runner design, only requiring a tilt and slide to be seated within the exterior housing, the pod-like design of the Portal’s chassis is certainly distinct – Sci-fi within its approach. Moulded within a premium grade of aluminium, the Portal’s shell features a power/reset switch, two USB3.0 and two USB2.0 connections, as well as HD Audio MIC and Headphone inputs.

Available in colour choices of Black or White – with or without a window, the BitFenix Portal is available today for £119.99!

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