The TP-Link Archer AX11000 on a background of spaceships, underlining the angular scifi design

TP-Link have launched their fastest router yet, the Archer AX11000. Claiming 11Gbps total bandwidth, and with support for 2.5Gbps internet, the AX11000 aims to provide the best possible gaming Wi-Fi. This is the latest addition to a long history of TP-Link providing networking equipment at every price point, from value to top-end, and even more esoteric networking-related items like smart bulbs.

Wi-Fi routers are in a tough spot when it comes to specifications. Positioning, distance, and any congestion on the airwaves will have a big effect on speed. Without a standard metric, like those cars have for fuel efficiency, it’s hard for a manufacturer to quote “realistic” speeds. Instead we have discussion of the maximum theoretical link speeds. Such it is with the TP-Link Archer AX11000 which quotes 11Gbps, but has an external internet connection of “just” 2.5Gbps. You’d need a very artificial situation to actually be pushing all the data theoretically possible, but it should still translate to a better experience than hardware with lower claims attached.

The Archer AX11000 offers a total of three wireless networks, and TP-Link get their performance claim by adding them all up. There are two 5GHz band networks at 4804Mbps max, and one 2.4GHz band at 1148Mbps. Adding those together gets 10,756Mbps and the rest is rounding, since AX10756 doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Archer AX11000 from the top, showing 8 huge, chunky antennae
Three separate networks also necessitates lots of antennae…

As well as the big hardware claims, TP-Link are offering software solutions to make this a real gaming router. TP-Link’s Game Accelerator automatically detects and prioritises traffic from 46 popular games. For the rest, one of the 5GHz networks is designated as a “Gaming band”. TP-Link also offer Game Protector, a name for Trend Micro’s HomeCare security system, parental control features, and Alexa integration.

TP-Link Archer AX11000 Specifications

Network Specs
Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Yes, 5GHz and 2.4GHz
Wireless-AC (802.11ac) Yes, 5GHz
Wireless-N (802.11n) Yes, 5GHz and 2.4GHz
Legacy 802.11g Yes, 2.4GHz
Legacy 802.11b Yes, 2.4GHz
Legacy 802.11a Yes, 5GHz
Wi-Fi Security WEP, WPA, WPA2 (WPS Supported)
Guest Network 1x 2.4GHz, 1x 5GHz
LAN Ethernet 8x 1Gbps
Internet Connection 2.5Gbps Ethernet to modem/WAN

Interesting to note here is the support of legacy Wi-Fi protocols back to 802.11a, first standardised in 1999. 802.11a struggled with popularity and was mostly used in business environments, but it’s nice to have for completeness.

Hardware Specs
Processor 1.8GHz 64-bit Quad Core
Memory 1GB
Storage 512MB Flash
USB USB 3.0, 1x Type-A, 1x Type-C

The USB ports can be used to share flash drives or external hard drives on the local network, or even over the internet. If you’re sharing over the internet, make sure to enable secure sharing and change the default passwords. Many routers with this feature aren’t secure by default.

The Archer AX11000 from the side, showing the aforementioned ports
The extensive array of ports on offer
Software Specs
Packet Prioritisation “Advanced Gaming QoS powered by TrendMicro”
Management TrendMicro Parental Control, local and remote management
Built-in Dynamic DNS Support TP-Link DDNS, DynDNS, No-IP
Built-in VPN Support PPTP, OpenVPN
NAT Features Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, UPnP, DMZ
DHCP Features Server, DHCP Client List, Address Reservation
Some of these specs look a bit like technobabble, but the important takeaway is that TP-Link have given the Archer AX11000 all the features you’d expect on a high-end router. On paper, setting up a game server at home should be no problem with this router.
Physical Specs
Size 28.8cm x 28.8cm x 18.4cm
Power Adapter 12V External, 5 Amps
Buttons Power On/Off, Reset, WPS, Wi-Fi on/off, LED on/off

The interesting thing to note from the physical specs is the size – this router is huge! 28.8cm x 28.8cm is about the same footprint area as a full ATX size motherboard.

You can find the full specs, features and manual for the Archer AX11000 on TP-Link’s website.

Availability and Pricing

The TP-Link Archer AX11000 is available now on Amazon UK, priced at £355.49 at time of writing.

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